By keeping cattle in spring in tick-free inclosures, three weeks in each in turn, the ticks fall off and the cattle are not reinfested. Then it may be secured by paralyzing the circulation, as by the use of veratrum viride or by digitalis. Evaluation on several occasions revealed this young man to have acute bronchitis and acute respiratory failure characterized by severe hypoxemia and moderately severe hypercarbia: safe.

You must, also be on your guard against malarial manifestations in tropical cases. The tumor Is most patients with asthma have a tendency to relaxation of the musculature of the circulation, both"of the heart and bloodvessels, causing diminished bloodpressure. CuArrLE showed two cases of spiral fracture in tba lower thii'd of the tibia, with marked eversion of the foot after union; in one, eubsequout replacement of the bono and plating had resulted in down a good position and a useful ioot.

Such a dose, even though continued over a long time, could scarcely do the reviews operator very much harm. On account, of its bitter qualities it may act in small medicinal doses as a stomachic, improving appetite and stimulating gastric secretion and motion. Its use should be preceded by the administration of oil or calomel, in diarrhea.

THE PHYSICS OF A SURGICAL URESSING, With Special Reference to the Harmful Effect op A NUMBER of most interesting papers by Sir Almroth Wright have recently appeared in tlie British BIedical Journal, in which he demonstrates by a most complete series of ingenious laboratory experiments a method of securing the legit drainage of septic wounds received in war. Common salt is the antidote, both externally and internally, forming the insoluble chloride. Therefore, these should be carefully washed. The third child was a breech presentation and lived but two weeks. This statement may come as a surprise to those who have not been accustomed tomake a distinction between the symptoms of heart of Heart Disease. This is shown in the annexed table in which the cardinal symptoms of adrenal hemorrhage, adrenalectomy, Asiatic cholera and acute arsenic poisoning are compared. This piece of bone when its separation was completed, with its outer periosteal covering still in tact, was turned outward, thus forming a bone flap. Its potency and cardiovascular effects make it suitable is for treatment of moderate to severe hypertension. No ALTHODon I cannot speak with any great authority on the subject of the treatment of wounds seen in this war, medical units were the last to bo established in France, yet five months of active surgical service in that country has enabled me to make certain observations which will, I trust, be at least suggestive to some who, like the writer, are placed on" the lines of communication," where atyi)ical rather than typical methods of treatment are In dealing with wounds in hospitals on the lines of communication, the first aim of the surgeon is to save the soldier's lite, and the second aim is to save the part affected, the two greatest dangers to both being infection In considering the first it must bo realized tliat the great majority of wounds seen in the hospitals of the lines of communication are infected. The mental excitement in man is chiefly due to exciting surroundings and does not occur in While the fact that alcohol is no more a nervous than a circulatory stimulant is now being generally accepted, the author has not yet seen fit to change his original statements in this book. So that the tissue-building protein is eventually an energy-producer as well.

One condition has been found much more favorable than was anticipated and that is, the remarkable cleanness and freedom from complications, already alluded to, of the wounds made by the Mauser bullets, so that even out of the large lists of wounded, bearing eloquent testimony to the accuracy of the Boer marksmen, which have resulted from the comparatively small engagements already fought, only a small per cent, have had to be sent further back than the field hospitals, so that the stationary hospitals are not at all crowded and no accumulation of any importance has as yet occurred at Durban.