He passed gas and urine; some hiccough; no vomiting.

(Pearce: Klosiella Infection ol the Guinea Pig.) THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE VOL, XXIII THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE VOL. By an appended note, however, it appears that swings and a bowling alley are about to The following extract from the report records an instance of success in the treatment of delirium tremens, such as will rarely find a parallel.

Great importance has long been attached to traumatism as a cause of local tuberculosis, especially in articular tuberculosis. In many cases the urine becomes abundant, the chlorides diminish, and the oedema disappears.


The nerves mav be involved legit from the ischemia and pressure, or from compression by the cicatricial mass. The menses have been, and are now regularly secreted, the respiration is full and complete, and she can lay upon either side without difficulty, which she has been unable to do until recently. The caustic operation, moreover, proves useful in removing the callous is edges of ulcers, which, wholly incapable of due action themselves, serve as foreign bodies to prevent healing, and keep up irritation in the parts beneath them. No abdominal adhesions were found upon this occasion. APPENDICULAR KIDNEY TOXIC NEPHRITIS APPENDICULAB ALBU v. WJM is often the first to predict, examine, and evaluate Each devoted to a topic vital to physicians: cross-cultural Please mail this coupon with enclosed payment to: The Western Journal of Medicine scriptwriter and medical adviser discusses how the hot medical series balances reality Power In Numbers. At first there was not the slightest hemorrhage, the two lips of the wound remaining perfectly dry; on the compression being removed, however, blood gradually oozed from the whole cut surface.

(e) Respiratory distress as evidenced by" air hunger" and inability to cough, but unaccompanied by any trace of cyanosis. It is at this period that hasmorrhagic nephritis begins. There is some satisfaction, when one differs from so high an authority as Dr Murchison, to know that although he published these cases as examples of the co-existence of diseases, he had some doubt about smallpox. She was thin, anaemic, and worried by a stinking discharge from the bowel. Died May University Medical School.

In this there has been too much condensation, and we think that another page or two given to the subject would convert an article, at present not very easy to understand, There is so much at present in tlie air, with regard to school inspection and the examination of children, that we are sure that this book will find a ready market; and we may add that it is a very good half-crown's We have received a sample bottle of Glucaphen, and find that the claim that Glucaphen is a nutritive tonic food is substantiated. Legitimate - it is used for the same purposes internally and externally. Reviews - the same difficulty arises here as in the case of many other chronic diseases. Film preparations showed many diplococci, few if any leukocytes, and little phagocytosis. Mesenteric the size of a walnut. It might be supposed that in the very early stages of infancy, whilst the external circumstances to which both sexes are subjected are so nearly the same, boys and girls would be placed upon an equal footing as to the risks of life.