From the fact that both tubes were similarly defective at their outer extremities, and both becoming lost in the broad ligament in the same manner, we concluded it was a congenital want of development, and not due to inflammatory action.

Free air and light favors the development of germs, and particularly those of decomposition, it may be readily understood that after a time such a bacterial development actually takes place in the vaginae of some women.

It was discussed by Dr Greig and Messrs Blaikie and Williams. It is difiicult to successfully publish a pure medical journal and we need the co-operation of the THE TREATMENT OF TYPHOID FEVER.

Had the visual disturbance been seen earlier it is highly probable the limitation of the field would have been met in both eyes.

Coronary arteries atheromatous and rigid; one of them plugged siamoid valves of the aorta, which were thickened, commenti cartilaginous, puckered, and shrivelled, resembling narrow, flat shelves, projecting a li ttle way from the wall of the artery; the corpora arantii with their thin curved borders had disappeared. It will appear in the peculiarity of Dr ( At present Chicago has absolutely nothing for the care and transfer of emergency cases except the patrol wagon manned by three policemen only.

Walter Carr made some exceedingly apt remarks in reference to the extraordinary development of nursing during the last generation, and expressed the fear that there was possibly a danger of its being carried too far in private work, and especially in the homes of the middle classes. The child began to mend from this time, "" and at the present writing is on the road of recovery. The articles on Hysteria and Epilepsy, by C.

The defects in hearing that are found to exist in these cases arise from disnses that are more or less familiar to every pnotidoner, but it seems to the writer that clearer definitions are desirable in order that more effective Knmds produced and heard by the patient himself, hetrd hj the parent in the natural way; these are RKh as sfoike the ear in daily life, as the voices of othen, etc. The axillary, inguinal and epitrochlears were also very much involved, as were, too, the abdominal lymphatics, which were fused into an irregular mass from the pelvic brim to the costal margin and thickest along the vertebral column.

At the time, already very remote, when I began my medical studies, we were far from possessing the richness of means that clinical investigations afford us to-day. I do not wish to be looked upon as opposed to the use of bromine in diph theria, for I am not; but I cannot feel justified in depending upon it altogether after my experience with it. Should the mbber give out it is but the work of a moment to tie a It works better with a somewhat coarser needle Sometimes a bubble or two of air mav enter the connective tissue, but the emphysema is harmless. Dunbar Roy, Atlanta (closing the discussion): In reply to Dr. There was marked oedema of the lower extremities. The right knee lay fixed across the lower end of the left thigh, and the two legs another, the legs were straightened, and when she left the hospital she could stand and walk a little. There the diet is held for a time with one restricted day in seven arbitrarily introduced on general conservative principles. Who was much debilitated in consequence of a severe attack of pneumonia. Seeing one case is of advantage to you in recognizing We are making such mistakes in diagnosing obstruction of the intestines as were made in diagnosing appendicitis twenty years ago. It would be of interest, and might prove or disprove Dr Hart's theory of origin of the vaginal lining membrane, if the nature of this epithelial lining in a purely Miillerian vagina could be microscopically determined. The Southside Virginia Medical Association Yale, the president, in the chair. If the patient loses vigor or develops headaches or digestive disturbances, the injections should be interrupted, and after a brief The insoluble mercurial compounds are efficient, but the dose must be guarded and the kidneys watched, as all insoluble mercurial injections cause an accumulation of the drug in the muscles. During the course of administration, especial attention should be given to the respiratory and cardiac apparatus, and at the first appearance of rapid pulse, embarrassed respiration, rise of temperature, vertigo, or gastric disturbance, its use should be abandoned. In one case six daily injections of three gm.