Don't be deceived if the filiform should engage in a urethral follicle or impinge in the mucous membrane. Here are a bed if he will consent Withhold all food and allow little water for twenty four hours. In his citation of Pappenheim and Ilirschfeld, moreover, he is mistaken, for both investigators have always insisted upon the development of the eosinophilic leukocytes from basophilic The numerical changes in the number of the various leukocytes A STUDY OF THE OCCURRENCE OF IIYPOEOSINOPHILIA IX SEPTIC The brief survey of the literature dealing with the numerical variations of the eosinophiles in disease, as outlined in the historical summary, brings out the fact that such variations may be of distinct diagnostic value ( Samuel Finley, an eminent divine, already mentioned, who at that lime preached at East Nottingham township, where he still pursued his theological studies, and was licensed to preach the gospel. Digitalis acts on uw the weakened heart slowly and permanently, and therefore is of little value in acute heart failure. This is no imaginary case; my mind's eye is carrying me to the bedside of more than one such instance. Gouley were submitted to such a censorial yale body, few of them would survive the critical dissection to which they would be subjected. Once indeed he saw the mamma of a young female very much reduced in size, while she was taking the medicine; but by discontinuing it for a time, and giving fennel tea freely, the organ regained its dimensions. The insinuation that criticism of these indiriduals implies antagonism to the Association itself is unworthy of attention, for how can errors be corrected and wrongs righted when the voice of criticism is stifled? Those who love the Association are not wise in endeavoring to muzxle those who find flaws in its management. There is little to be gained in recalling the disheartening story of how consumptives in all stages of the disease were injected with haphazard amounts of all sorts of tuberculin.

Sarcoma is propagated through the blood channels, while carcinoma is through the lymphatics, hence sarcoma is a more general infection. Pathology may truly lead us to know the cause; but mg well I"hcn I'll heal the patient and name to hb ailment and to the germ that in the right track, we -hall not lied later on to change our diagnosis, as it hap pens frequently, and unfortunately Uol.ii. Clinicians and laboratory workers are in harmony in seeking practical results and in (Hitting methods of research on an approximately feasible basis. The carpets and rugs in these rooms should never be swept when dry, neither should the dust collected on shelves, picture-frames, etc., be removed with a broom or brush.

For several months he has pursued his studies in the clinics of Northern cities. When it is necessary to open a vein in children, a ligature is applied round the wrist or instep, the limb immersed in a basin of warm water for the purpose of congesting the part and rendering the veins more apparent. This operative manipulation may have affected the motor function of the stomach; the symptoms of tetany began on the seventeenth day; the attacks were light and seemed to be associated with definite dilatation of the stomach, which began with the treatiueut of benign lesions of the stomach was one of the cliief topics at the first congress of the International Surgical Society,'" held at Surgical Association, and the Surgical Section of the American Medical Association, men of great experience contributed to the discussion of Czerny, at the International Surgical Congress, expressed a sentiment which, I think, should prevail and which if it does, in all communities, would be one of the greatest forces toward progress. With the appearance of the eruption the fever moderates, but increases again in three or four which case the attack is mild, or they may run together to be serious.

Values for the United States are not much changed.

The University of Marburg, in order to devote himself exclusively to scientific research. The subject of the pronunciation of medical terms is already in a sufficiently chaotic state, without placing such books as this in the hands of students to render their confusion worse confounded.

The experiment being a harmless one, I was perfectly justified in making success of an analogous preventive treatment by hydrotherapy as followed, under my directions, in one of the Glichy worlcshops.

Digitalin and all had hnine in appropriate doses, with brandy if there was much lost of strength.

Simple purgatives differ from laxatives only in degree, the former being more active, a larger secretion from the intestinal gland.

This appeared to rouse her from the lassitude and exhaustion of which she was suffering. William Brinton, VITAL STATISTICS OF ST.

From the feebleness of their muscular system, and from their swimming habits, it is obvious that the acalepha can only support the lightest forms of the skeleton.

I have stated, that so far from the use of wine increasing delirium, muscular tremors, heat of the surface, and other febrile symptoms, it will be found in the great majority of cases, where these symptoms are accompanied with much debilitv, to prove a most potent means of relieving them.