That one of his employes happened to be bitten by a snake and that after a strong injection of the serum the advanced stage of snake intoxication disappeared rapidly. There is obviously evidence of bronchitis, the bronchial tubes being partially filled with mucopurulent exudate.

Diuretics, Glauber salts (lb.j) is useful. Circumscribed peritonitis rarely leads to death. Patients may have several attacks of appendicitis and yet the lesions may amount to almost nothing.

These preparations are made by dissolving the various medicaments in the liquid vasogen during its process of cent.) is a special preparation with inspissated vasogen. - usually secondary to middle-ear disease, and giving rise to thrombosis.

A state of the constitution produced by mercury, characterized by depression of strength, anxiety about the praecordia, frequent sighing, irregular action of the heart, pulse; tremors, shriveled countenance, a ERGOT. JEtiUs, A fragrant wood used in the East for burning as incense. While congratulating themselves on the happiness of having visited London, it was somewhat striking to hear them as neighbors, on looking at the vast number of medical gentlemen hailing scientific appetite was regaled with all that is best for the human frame and animal spirits.

After a reduction of carbohydrate diet is instituted, a tolerance for carbohydrates may he gradxially acquired very similar to that acquired in diabetics after dietary' treatment. For it is not only an evil itaelf, but it is the fruitful parent of a multitude of ills, not the least of which is the certain deterioration of all who A German medical journal mentions the case of a man who had committed several murders, and who appeared to be insane, was put under the influence of chloroform. All obscure cavities or isolated infected foci should be opened at time of operation, the finger being the best instrument to explore with. But my suggestions upon this will be very brief and simple. The wall is five feet six inches high. Those not killed by thismethod may be pressed out by hand and destroyed. - tuherctdum, a tubei-rU-.) Tubercle of the lung. In the form of cigarettes, as Drapers, Murison's, Marshall's, Lange's, Gale and Bloci's, Jeffries, Hemrod's. - a little bridge or connecting band of tissue.

The importance of possessing a uniform system of weights and measures has impressed the scientific of all coun tries, and numerous endeavours have been made to accomplish the object. To the development of the parasite in the brain, three stages of the disorder may be determined: (a) The stage of acute cerebral inflammation, (b) the stage of latency due to the gradual growth of the cyst, and (c) the stage of gid, the cyst The stage of brain irritation sets in from one to two weeks after infestation, and, as a rule, lasts about one week.