Call or write, Ed Murphy, Clinic Manager, Carroll guarantee first year. Consequently it is not only always difficult, but it may, in certain cases, be impossible exactly to locate the vessel supplying the aneurism. The suppuration going on in the walls of the cavity may eliminate all the adherent shreds of dead pulmonary tissue; an abscess may form which, after evacuation of its contents, may close up, the abscess cavity may contract, and, finally, nothing is left but a scar to indicate the spot where there once existed a circumscribed pulmonary gangrene. Welch, the International Health Board has been induced to come to Alabama and help us in our sanitation.

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Nervous-Affections of the Bowel Diseases of the Mesenteric Vessels Affections of the Chyle Vessels Echinococcus Cysts of the Liver Anomalies of Form and Location of the Liver Amyloid Degeneration of the Kidney Malformations and Structural Anomalies of the Kidney rao SECTION VI. Vterine epistaxis went on freely from the fourth to the eighth day. Ordered to clean the deposit out of a lead chamber.

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Quinin and the salicylates have been the drugs mostly relied on and it will he interesting to see what will be the effect of our new drugs, Balvarsan and neosalvarsan.