Politzer is indissolubly associated with the progress of aural surgery during this generation. The idea of the exclusive employment of stimulants in the treatment of inflammatory affections is not new. Professor of Physiology and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Nervous ISAAC EDMONDSON ATKINSON, M.

But if the spinal of the right side be cut, and the preceding circumstances be reproduced, we will see that during the cry the left sterno-mastoid appears to contract much more strongly, and during the forced respiration, on the contrary, the two sterno-mastoids contract equally, and continue to act as inspirators. The final action of the last session of the National Quarantine Convention, held in the city of New York during the past year, is the cause which prompted the appointment by the Chamber of Commerce of that city of a sjjecial committee to report on"the general subject of the quarantine laws of the State, and the legislation required to give practical efl'ect to the declared sentiments of the National Quarantine and Sanitary Convention." The conclusions arrived at by the committee and embodied in the report which lies before us are based mainly upon the reports and discussion of the last-named convention, and the opinions furnished to the committee, at its request, by eminent members of the medical profession of New York, in regard to the scientific questions involved in the general subject submitted to it for its investigation. Hence, from the want of pain out to be encepbaloid disease as to prove an unusual case Then the question arises as to what could have been the exciting cause of these encepbaloid tumors.

By degrees the affection creeps up to the upper limbs; the arms, hands, and fingers partake in the ataxy, and in the numbness, which last is very likely is involuntarily carried to his cheek, or to the side of his head." These look like choreic phenomena.

And his brains must be instructed brains, brains that have seen a great deal and observed intelhgentiy, careTully, accurately. There is always a loss of consciousness: and in the epileptic vertigo, the petit mal, there is frequently a suspension of consciousness only, without any convulsion at all.

In the standing position, however, as can readily be shown, the stomach, even when empty, at once descends to the full length of its suspensory ligaments, and its lower border is as a constant level, or within ahnost an inch of the same, whether the organ be fiiU or empty. When possible, and rarely it is not convenient, soak it in tea, cofiee or soup; it then makes a very nutritious meal. Another portion of bowel was found in the sac, not strangulated; it was adherent and irreducible. (Leonardo Botallo, an Italian anatomist and surgeon.) The obliterated ductus the arm; cubitum, the elbow.) The internal lateral ligament of the elbow-joint. In the first place it derives the blood from the surface, and accumulates it in the large vessels of the interior of the body, and so increases the stress upon the cerebral arteries. The "" sympathetic nerve for exophthalmic ganglia for the relief of exophthalmic goitre with the report of the case. UL'WspaiHTS arc.sont to (ho hospital yratuitously. The syphilitic history and the appearance of the cicatrix, however, led me to suspect a gummous syphilide. If the remark be true then, such men should never enter the profession because all admit that human health and life should not be confided to incompetent hands.

In that branch of medicine in which the rank and file of the profession are mainly interested, viz., the practical part, therapeutics, Reynolds, without intending an v invidious comparison, stands pre-eminent The therapeutics of tne English correspond more closely than those of any other country with those of this country, and the American editor of Reynolds' has brought this Late Physician in Ordinary to the Queen. How far the bromide of potassium may be an important adjuvant, is left lor future practice to determine. Betweefli the convolutions there was some brown semi-fluid matter. PARKINSON'S DISEASE, or paralysis agi PASTEUR'S TREATMENT for rabies, x. How little knowledge was likely to gain from his patronage is shown by the fact, recorded by Pliny, that the shop and tools of the artist who discovered how to make glass malleable were destroyed.

Some years having elapsed since the appearance of a portion of the work, additions were required to bring up the subjects to the existing condition of science. Spinals of a large male surmulot. Debility, lassitude, fetid breath, impaired digestion, vertigo,. He appears to be in a deep sleep; but.this is not all, for you cannot awaken him by the same means which would rouse a healthy man.