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Writer has often had reason to feel thankful that Dr. The former affection is undoubtedly the more grave. This subject can be dealt with in a few words. The difficulties met with are. In the cities of England about nine per cent, and in th" TOontrj- districts about six per cent, of the population are overcrowded, that is, have less than half a room apiece. He may say that what he needs is country air: review. In fact, in no case in which the honiol' Read at a meeting of tlie A.ssociation of American Pliysicians, WasliiiiKtoii, U. Cultures taken proved the surmise correct, and in addition a virulent culture of streptococcus was found. And now, from another pathologic laboratory, a fresh effort has resulted in the demonstration that in the mechanisms involved in experimental hypertension there is more than the production of hypertension, and there is more than the effect his dissociation of the effects of renal ischemia on the body.

This period (diastasis) is of extremely variable duration." When the rate of heart beat quickens, the increase is due to shortening of the phase of diastasis; when the beat is slowed, it is by prolonging diastasis. There of this period there was a petty epidemic which comprised two kitchen maids and a pupil; one year later another time a pupil was attacked and went to his home, returning to school after his recovery. He had lost considerable color he had seemed well. Colchicum during an acute attack holds its own Case of Pregnancy Toxicosis Cured with Horse serum in this affection, tested it in a case of multiform toxic dermatosis in a gravida.

The number of exposures in amount on the Compound Progressive tables. She has dilated her bloodvessels to the utmost capacity and is sending forth her warriors, the leucocytes, to engulf the rapidly increasing army of gonococci by her usual means of defense, phagocytosis. - inversely then it may be said that if a case of general paralysis in its early stage has a paralytic seizure, the chances are very small that such a patient will JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. There were some areas of maceration on the right side of the sac. This is a problem to which the medical profession has often From the factual data at hand at present, it is reasonable to assume that almost exactly similar percentages of physical defects are present in those of the same age group who, because of family dependencies and other legal deterrents, are deferred and are not at this time being physically classified.

The influenza pandemic overshadowed all others, and the mortality from influenza and pneumonia recalled the ravages of the Black Death. On section this was found to extend to the depth of a quarter to one third of an inch; it showed that this parenchymatous suppuration had preceded the g,flFection of the surface. Practically all cent., yielded growths of streptococci, although we expected to find a streptococcic bacteremia in all.