I beg to acknowledge my indebtedness to Dr. The remaining cases in this group began to have asthma during childhood, with the exception of the two patients who had an irritable skin, and these two were adults.

How can a pious wife enjoy the society of a husband who ridicules, and perhaps forbids, her devotional exercises? How can a devotional husband love a wife who neither sympathizes with, nor participates in, his religious sentiments, while, by precept and example, she trains up his children regardless of his cherished principles? possessing a full development of y.

I then expressed my firm belief in the eflScacy of the treatment adopted.

The abdomen was closed without drainage and the patient made an uneventful recovery: Histological examination of the tumor proved it to The questions at issue in the management of such a case are, first, the diagnosis; second, the necessity for resection and anastomosis; third, the direction of the incision in the enterotomy, and, fourth, the method of excising the tumor and closing the intestinal wound. He is unable to move; he stands fixed, and looks for some support. The only sure way to realize a correspondence in this respect, is to marry with due reference to mental adaptation; by so doing, similarity in sentiments is natural, and the impracticable task of acquiring is done away These may be denned, marriages contracted without regard to physical or mental adaptation.

The slight physiological predominance (for the lower limbs it is in the flexors) is almost balanced when the muscular tonus is normal, and, if increased, it brings Kernig's sign. Under the microscope the feces show excessive content of bacteria, the larger proportion are Gram-negative. Schwahn M recommends operative treatment which consists in the fixation of the fascia lata on the trochanter and on the vastus externus. Exposure to sudden changes of temperature and occupation trauma were not found to be an important factor, except in the shoulder, often the seat of disabling joint lesion, where trauma was regarded as an important factor.

Separations are more common than divorces,"agreeing to disagree" being settled upon by the parties themselves.

Call on or address Or," Sammy Tubbs the Boy-Doctor, and Sponsie Which is advertised on the preceding page, is one of the most attractive, original and novel puDlications which has originated from the pen of Dr. There are leper colonies in the Southern Gulf States, yet the intervening States positively refuse to allow the leper to be carried to them, though making absolutely no provision themselves for such a contingency. The existence of saccharine materials in the blood had a great deal to do with the growth of these organisms in the skin, evidence of which was found in the occurrence of boils in diabetes; and he was persuaded that excess of sugar in the food had very much to do with suppurating diseases of the skin in children. This licking was quite common, and was done by other animals such as dogs and cats, and sometimes by the priests themselves, according to those who did not believe the snake theory. In aseptic meningitis, a virus may be recovered from other sites such as throat washings or stool for enteroviruses and saliva or urine for mumps. The sign is usually, though not invariably, present in undoubted cases of meningitis. In pediatrics, the mischief from overreaction to a falsely positive test far exceeds the dangers of missing clinically silent disease because of a false-negative test.

When the area was circular and done on the anterior vaginal wall, a purse-string suture was applied. To produce this result will call for a great amount of work, by laymen as well as by doctors, but the outline has been drawn and active workers have been enlisted in enormous numbers so that the problem now rests in large measure with the sick themselves. It is estimated that among the more civilized communities under improved social conditions the death rate from tuberculosis is still over In Manila, which is certainly the most populous cent, of the total deaths among residents is due to is due to this disease. Corby of Cork laid stress on the importance of the patient sitting up in bed during the puerperium to suckle and for the purposes of defecation and micturition. With regard to the use of the exploring syringe, Dr.

I have often wondered whether, after all, the benefits to be derived from our present methods outweigh the delightful moral and intellectual irresponsibility for the student resulting from a faculty supervision of conduct, and a rather fixed required curriculum. The objects of these experiments were to ascertain: (i,) The blood pressure under action. That it is desirable to relieve the tension of the breast which occurs for a few hours after nursing has ceased, must be recognized by all: Old age, phthisis, or a phthisical tendency, are reasons for early tappiuc, as also is the existence of disease of the kidneys (

' My wife and I cannot agree together,' said one of them to a missionary, who endeavored to make him comprehend the indecency of such a separation;' my neighbor's case was the same, we changed wives and we were all happy; for nothing is more reasonable than to make each other happy, when it is so cheaply done without wronging anybody.' Nevertheless, this custom, as we have already observed, is looked upon as an abuse, and is not ancient, at least among the Indians.""The Greenl anders," Fowler remarks, u pay some little regard to the affections in their matrimonial alliances. In the last two months the uterus with its contents was so large, he said, that until recently it had been considered impossible to remove it through the vagina, but Diihrssen's method had cleared away this difficulty, and it was now possible to operate through the vagina even at the full term of pregnancy. There were eight recoveries and one death.