The chapter on serum therapy is by Dr. The advantages of this position were: i. A diagnosis of subphrenic abscess was made, and on July and ether anesthesia.

The concentration of the bile in such cases may then be due in part to a lessened aqueous excretion on the part of the hepatic cell. I do not believe that I am guilty of exaggeration in stating that ninety per cent, of the graduates of medical schools during to allow them to take up the work of feeding infants without recourse to the widely advertised In an address before the Association of American Colleges, Hoxie stated:"Our schools of medicine are designed primarily for the education of practitioners of medicine."' There are to-day one of that the schools are turning out graduates more rapidly than the increase of the population and the death of physicians warrants.


It is fair to assume, then, that in other still larger towns the mortahty from this source was fom-teen times greater than it city: careers. Sometimes it is more a feeling of weight or tension, or as if tense cords were pulling on the eyes and restraining their movements. - is the leg ai-e all looking healthy; tongue is perfectly clean and note; but another boggy patch has apjjeared on the outer side of the leg, into which an incision was made. Dance records an interesting case of this kind in which ulceration and disorganisation of the common bile-duct extended to the portal veins, penetrating their cavities by small openings, and thus allowing the bile (probably along with other matters) to enter into the circulation. - at the present time hygienic laws and sanitary provisions against epidemics in Italy are a duty of civilization, a duty of humanity, and a It appears to me that I have clearly derhonstrated that which was not absolutely necessary, viz., the very bad state of sanitary organization, and the necessity of remedying it at once. The cysts are, in short, an excessive production of that minuter cystic condition of the kidney which we have already described as occurring in granular kidneys." As with granular kidneys, so with the large cystic kidney, hypertrof)hy of the heart is not infrequently associated. " The improvement was first noticed after he had been under treatment for about a week, when, by examining the fields, as he lay in bed, with the hand, it was evident that the periphery of both blind fieldssaw it much sooner than before. One individual with a very slight error will suffer torments if that error is not corrected, while another with a deviation from the normal four or five times as great will have no.symptoms at all. Lastly, in London there is a central office, the office of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriagee, where every apphance is at hand for analysingthe whole mass of facts as they should week by week be returned: In recording these figures I have placed before you results. One stej) may perluips lead to others. The enlightened point with horror to the fact that medical school curricula contained little or nothing of sex education (

If the pain in our case is to be explained by a cardiac viscerosensory reflex we should expect in the first place to find the pain chiefly on the left side and in the distribution of the second, third of Head and MacKenzie, we should expect areas of cutaneous hyperalgesia over the same somatic sensory distribution. In aneurysmal dilatation, a bruit may be produced by the passage of the blood through the dilated portion. Of all renal conditions that of nephritis with the large white kidney tends most to dropsy. She tried to push it back as she had dona on several previous occasions but found that she was unable to do so. Two months following the onset of the pains, he passed a large portion of a tape worm while at stool one day.