He has obtained excellent results with this, and speaks of it as" a true panacea." But in some very sensitive patients the application is too irritating, and provokes great pain, coughing, and feelings of suffocation. Moreover, the Wisconsin Board of Control is not without resources to correct such evils, and a knowledge of this exerts a powerful preventive influence. That was why in my paper I referred to the fact that the patella had been removed a number of times with most excellent results. This when present is regarded as pathognomonic. Pernicious anaemia and grave secondary anaemias reveal poikilocytosis in its most typical form. Boyden says he has not met with any well authenticated record of birth having taken place in England prior to the age of twelve years. Among the many disorders consequent to the pregnant state, we find a very common and annoying one, called morning sickness. I have not found upon record such an instance among children; but it might easily occur in a case of long standing.

The warm Summer weather was not too conducive to studying, and the mosquitoes "" would not permit us to sleep at night.

The charges of a corrupt association with a disinfection company have at least not been proved, and, at any rate, are entirely apart from the purely sanitary question of rag-disinfection. The shorter inner curvature of the gourd is known as the lesser, the longer outer curvature is the greater curvature of the stomach.

From this he concluded that the micro-organisms were the cause of the decomposition. It will take away a certain amount of normal blood and allow the lymph, intermuscular fluid and the liquid in the alimentary canal to enter the blood vessels and the blood becomes hydrsemic, and that diminishes the viscidity of the blood and therefore it can be sent through the capillaries with less power than thick viscid blood. So goldentongued did his biographer become, that we are constrained to quote:"It is such men as he who do great deeds, yet creep away as if their work had been done in air, with a potent wind to sweep their gifts into the desert places." In face of that, we can but add"Hallelujah." The same biographer ended his masterpiece with the following:"Oh sleep, thou ape of death." We include that blood-curdling quotation in the hope that it may have more significance to others than to us. In every truth attained there is utility either at hand or among the certainties of the future. Such meetings have become one of the general customs of our time, and havethus given evidence that they are generally approved.

An interval of from eight to ten days should be allowed to elapse between the injections, so as to give the mucous membrane time to become toughened. His observations as to the relative frequency of the coexistence of these two morbid states were correctly made, but it became apparent to me that his deduction was faulty; that, in truth, both conditions are usually due to environmental degeneracy.

Whatever the effect of the cutting operation upon the size of the prostate, he thought we should do the crushing operation first, if it were practicable, as it was much less dangerous, and if it failed to relieve the symptoms to consider afterward the propriety of any other procedure. Electrical reactions of muscles normal or slightly diminished.

Pain, as in pleurisy, restricts the respiratory movement and renders the vesicular sound faint. Antisepsis of the graft and of the wound is indispensable; so also is immobilization, such flatus. It is usually unilateral and is found more frequently during the first decade of life. It is certainly a valuable agent in valvular weakness, attended by great irregularity, as well as frequency in the pulse beat.