Perforation of the intestine was caused by ulceration, and though possibly there might be and he could assure him that, however long the patient were kept in it, no harm would accrue. It has been necessary, therefore, to maintain a constant biological control of those substances of the group which are clinically employed. Dennis Carter, in Stanford's School of Engineering, sits behind a screen and models bone. Anyone may practice, but the nongraduate is under such restrictions as to the particular disease he may treat and the drugs he may prescribe that the activities of the empirical practitiorer are somewhat curbed. He made on his visit due inquiry for i-uptiu'e, but was assured, most positively, that none existed; as he was stUl suspicious, he requested permission to make an examination, which was refused, on the ground of its being unnecessary; nevertheless, he persisted in the request, and on being eventually allowed to examine, he found a hernia; this he succeeded in reducing, and at once relieved the patient of her I was asked by a surgeon to visit a person suffering from strangulated femoral hernia, who had been under treatment for two days, without either the patient or his attendant being aware of the nature of the case, which was, however, discovered by the medical man before he requested my attendance.

The premises were more or less infected, as they had previously contained hogs suffering from cholera, and no effort was made to clean and disinfect them. In feigned epilepsy the actor almost always prefers to shut his eyes completely. ; Gonville Castration, strangulation of spermatic cord a substitute Catheterism of Eustachian tube, syphilis communicated' Cattle, contagious disease of, proceedings in Parliament' Chloroform, report of Committee of Royal Medical and Chrzonszczewsky, Dr., epithelium of the pulmonary Clark, Mr. This committee is distributing a questionnaire for the purpose of gaining information which will lead to definite' recommnedation to be presented at the joint meeting next year. Neither has any cellular reaction been described which is diagnostic of the disease, the principal characteristic being some proliferation in the tissues around the Bacieriology. At the autopsy we found the right kidney cancerous, with a growth the size of a man's fist between the kidney and the bodies of the vertebrsB, adherent to the vertebras; also a calculus the size of a half its size. There is a thin spot on the peritoneum. Of the two forms of tuberculosis affecting the skin which have been examined, lupus has yielded a higher proportion of attenuated strains than scrofulodermia.

Organic cardiac disease is often associated, but cardiac symptoms are rarely present. He devoted several years to the study of morbid anatomy, in Paris, where he made a very large collection of drawim which various diseased appearances are beautifully, and doubtless faithfully delineated.

Xo harm will likely result if the contents be serum, but if pus escapes the consequences may be disastrous. The condition of which I am about to speak I was totally ignorant of till her lips pale. This lack of nourishment is not so distinctly recognized by the untrained eye; stature and contour may suffer little, but beyond the searching eye of the microscope is the most important lack felt. In some extreme The arm is rotated internally, the elbow points outward.

I curetted it Tuesday; I curetted it Friday; I curetted it Sunday, and I think it ought to be curetted again." You know that this is all "" wrong; but it is being done. The interglandular tissue is thickened, but partakes more of the nature of adult connective tissue. Often the patients would forget or neglect to send their specimens at all, and when they were sent they would arrive at all hours of the day and in every conceivable kind of container, from a four-dram vial to a twelve-ounce cod-liver oil bottle.

More common even than endocarditis is myocarditis.