Just then a neighbor reached the scene. It is divided into superior and inferior, the latter subdivided into three, anterior, middle, and posterior. There was, however, yet another day to wait before we could start for the scene of action, which was taken up in operating on some urgent cases, paying a call on from him an account of his journey and of the difficulties he had met with. A characteristic sign of pyopneumothorax is, that the limits of the dulness change as the patient alters his posture.

Friedreich also succeeded in proving that the leuchsemic tumors of the pleura and intestinal mucous membrane originated from the connective-tissue corpuscles of those membranes. It was essential to remove them as soon as possible from the" Beaches," where they were exposed at all times to the fire of the enemy. There was little tenderness in the iliac fossa, left side, but no tumor. In the present instance, our respect for We respectfully request of our friends in every town in which a copy or copies of the petition addressed to our next Legislature for a charter for our College has been circulated, that they will forward the signatures to us, by mail or otherwise, before the first of January next; and, when they shall do it, we wish them to inform us what individuals of their representatives elect will go for, the charter. The causal indications may require the administration of an emetic, where injurious or decomposing food in the stomach keeps up the catarrh. On this The different conditions of life in children living in town and in the country are surely sufficient to account for the mental effort, fright, and school pressure bear so important a largely with a view to ascertaining what relation, if any, could be established between the time of year and the date of onset of chorea; and further, to investigate what meteorological conditions might be associated with this. Transfusions were given without obvious reaction: The neck was supple, had no masses, but there was bilateral anterior and posterior cervical adenopathy:

On the skin over it were numerous small vesicles, some of which discharged clear fluid; it had been first noticed at the age of three months. So far I took care of the body; and, as to the mind, I endeavored to preserve it in due temper, by a scrupulous obedience to the divine commands. Tbo bloJad and tao reoelTe tone by toOMSsd jMrreas flow of the ssontloas u ovussd by To STEM the over-crowded condition of the profession in Germany, it is proposed to add a sixth year to the medical students' curriculum. Instrument for determining blood-pressure or the tension of a vapor. Leptomeria, iep-to-mer'e-ah (lepto, meros, part).

Louis ICHTHYOL IN THE TREATMENT OF GONORRHOEA IN THE FeMALE gonorrhoea. For a child two years of age, for example, I gravy, or potato-broth, or in place of the meat a meal-broth prepared with eggs, but with very little fat, green vegetables very children,.and it is highly important for their digestion to habituate them to it as little as possible.

Act of forming a crust on the surface of a body. Our state institutions contain a large percentage of this class, they form what is known as the"working gang." The rate of recovery diminishes with age and is slightly more favorable among women than among men.

The same result followed when the woman undertook to nurse her own infant. I operated in many of these cases, and although the after-treatment was in most of them carefully carried out, my success was not in accord with what I had been led to believe by the writings of Rupprecht and others.

When the dressing is taken down, the wound is generally found to be nearly or quite healed.

Iodides may cause nausea, and very long use may cause goiter ( The duration should be from five to thirty minutes.

By this means the middle turbinate is dislocated, usually with an audible fracture.