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The two anterior strictures were of large caliber and were afterward treated by dilatation.

I cannot refrain from calling special attention to the continued great discrepancy between ordinary revenue and steps will be taken to correct, if possible, so glaring an anomaly. As these cases almost invariably terminate in recovery (except in the presence of further complications, in which case no fair deduction could be made), there is no opportunity for post-mortem examination to decide this question definitely. A large list of contributors made it necessary to introduce this innovation, and its success has suggested a further subdivision for the next"Reported by George E. The exposure and consequent death of bones denuded of flesh and periosteum by location hospital gangrene, greatly prolong convalescence. I drew the triceps down, getting the proper approximation, stitching it with about eight or ten sutures to the base of the olecranon process, which arm up in not quite complete extension, thinking that if ankylosis occurred I would have an arm that would have the carrying power developed in a most marked degree. So frequent and so disastrous was this condition at the time prior to its recognition as simple goiter rather than a true carcinoma, that fish cul ture in goiter areas was on the verge of being discontinued.

It fragrant leaf, yielding to hot water a which, so far as history determines, has been consumed from all time by the Mexicans, and is still so employed by all classes, men, women and children alike. In view of these facts we are not justified in adopting so severe a preventive measure. Conditions and factors that favor the development of goiter. The frequently-renewed contact of urine and fecal matter caused a painful and obstinate excoriation of the skin on the lateral and posterior surfaces of the swelling, which, together with the weight of the hernia and its protrusion between the thighs, led the patient to seek urgently for surgical relief. Its great expense is a hindrance to its use, and it has been found to have little influence on the attacks, and readily to cause acne. She made use of a disinfectant solution of carbolic acid and boric acid, about five per cent of pure carbolic acid in a saturated solution of boric acid.