Rotch with bromide and chloral by enema. As a part of the survey work, state societies for mental hygiene are to be organized Already such agencies are at work in seven which will carry out the plans for betterment, at the same time conducting work for feebleminded and for the prevention of nervous and that the committee on public health of the New York Academy of Medicine has recently forwarded to Governor Whitman a letter urging, the transfer of the New York Quarantine Service from local to federal control and enclosing the report of a committee which has made a special study of the advantages customer that would accrue from the adoption of such a policy.

Three and a half years later, however, metastases in liver, and death. In other words the conditions of experimentation were made as nearly as possible the same for all "" give a condensed account of each protocol in tabular form instead of the complete protocol of cadi case. In the horse a brisk purgative of aloes is advised, in the ox ot "code" sheep a dose of Glauber or Epsom salts, and in the dog a calomel and podophyllin pill overnight, followed by a saline in the morning, often has the desired effect. Injuries of the jaws, especially the lower jaw. North Vietnamese intelligence had given the enemy ample time to deploy an extensive, well-integrated, and highly mobile air defense system throughout the Xe Pon area of Laos. The PRESIDENT: Is it keloid? It does not yet present that appearance. In the third and final process, that of reproduction, there are yet other mechanisms tending to the perversion of evidence.

If the condition is due to an injury and the joint has become septic, prognosis is by no means hopeful. The history was that fifteen years before she had struck the right loin, the blow being followed by haematuria lasting a week. If from any cause any one of these principles became unduly prominent, the condition of the bowels review was affected.

A third puncture was done, and after that he was able to swallow and had recovered consciousness. And Yerheyen, as well as a number of the old Arabian author.-, have likewise attributed those noxious of South America send their female- into separate huts and keep them absolutely sequestered during the whole of the menstrual period. The cavity is then mopped out with tincture of iodine, and the edges of the wound brought together with sterile sutures, cottonwool applied, and bandaged. The condition appears to have been from the beginning one of lethargy, with a condition of muscle combining some cataleptiform plasticity with wellmarked tendency to rigidity on mechanical excitation.

Chapter III gives a brief account of the psychoanalytic movement, its aims, its accomplishments and its significance, for the study of human motives, of the repressed tendencies with which it deals.

If it is recent, a mild astringent such as alum lotion, to which is added a little cocaine, should be applied to the mucous membrane, and by steady taxis the organ is returned with ease.

There were none of the phenomena that marks its onset; but that death was due to failure of the heart was evidenced by the ominous rise in Dr. In all cases of painful paraplegia a neoplasm should be suspected ( There need not be a fixed programme. In conclusion he states his belief that such an operation as he performed gives a chance to an otherwise hopeless case, and that it should be undertaken without hesitation under such circumstances.

A slight increase in the size of the work became unavoidable in consequence of the introduction of these changes.

Speaking generally, the writer has discarded the use of splints, and almost invariably uses in their place silicate of potas h bandages.


Further, blood cultures stimulate continued and careful search throughout the subcutaneous tissues for deepseated abscesses, which are not always easy of demonstration. The same has just been recommended, not only in medical, but in veterinary schools in France (coupon). Irrespective of the fetus, deep chloroform anaethesia finally causes an increase of both urea and rest-nitrogen in the maternal circulation.