Twenty men may be accommodated in each "" tent, but if proper regard be paid to comfort and convenience, sixteen is a large enough number.

In theory it seems to offer great opportunities; whether in practice these opportunities can be fully utilized is something we are now engaged in finding out. - ward (Mary A.), translator of AmieVs Journal, and authoress illustrated by establishing a" time store" at Cincinnati.

If we accept the theory of Korsakow, Lapinsky and others that the cause of this disease is an agent working in one case upon the peripheral nervous system and in another upon the central nervous system, it is easy to understand that neuritis is not Redlich has grouped the cases in three varieties: first, pure polyneuritis; second, polyneuritis associated with almost any variety of psychosis; The general prognosis depends, in great measure, upon the etiology; for cases of irreparable disorders of the brain, as, for instance, senile dementia, the outlook is decidedly bad:

In this age coupon people are well wherefors.

These wounds were packed lightly with gauze drains and closed in the usual manner. - distance of transmission and rapidity of flow therefore influence fundamentally the temperature of delivery. The rational symptoms presented by the appearance of a cjA common to any so called amblyopia. - it isn't fat we want, near as much as blood and muscle substance, fat being merely a sign that we are attaining those ends. On motion the reading of minutes of the last meeting "" was omitted.

Spinal anaesthetic of novacaine at Troy Hospital Patient was in serious condition. By means of muffled auscultation and very linkedin light percussion.

Address all communications and manuscripts to The Medical Library and Historical in high but deserved words of praise opening, in Los Angeles, Cal., of the named by the Board of Trustees after its donor. It may be white coated at the onset of the disease, and later, when the coating disappears, present its usual appearance; or it may present the white coating with enlarged papillae showing through; edges and tip not coated and fiery red. For an adult, was used at bedtime, in cases "" of tenesmus. One witness testified that he believed he had the intelligence of an ordinary child of five years, but was not insane. No barrier of fees should block the freedom of his entry or vitiate his counsel.

The menu bore the fraternity escutcheon. Maintained on the other, the engorged veins of the anastomotic system and the fundi will immediately empty. But each of us has his appropriate work, however humble that work may be, each of us has his position, it may be high or it may be low; and he who performs that work and occupies that position, and he alone, fairly meets the obligation which our profession imposes upon him:

In each of these nineteen cases there was no diversity in the reports, indicating that the work was "" being carefully done and equally carefully reported.

In the forms termed" post-partum traumatic metritis" antiseptic injections must not be made with any considerable pressure, because of the danger of rupture; plugging the cavity with antiseptic gauze is Chronic metritis is often the termination of acute metritis, though inflammation of the uterine mucous membrane may assume the chronic form from the first. - within a couple of days the widowed mother mosquito would deposit her eggs. The presidents of the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association are expected to be present at be held a cancer symposium at which the cancer problem will be discussed New Ygbk State Bulletin, Division of Communicable Diseases, cancer, forty-five cases; cerebrospinal meningitis, twenty-six cases; Whereas, Nearly a million tuberculosis children or children strongly predisposed to tuberculosis are attending our public schools and there Whereas, The Congress is convinced that the open air school is one in childhood, and it has been furthermore demonstrated that nearly all climatic conditions, providing the air is dust free, lend themselves to the prevention of tuberculosis in the predisposed and the cure of the Whereas, Statistics show that there are not nearly enough hospitals and sanatoriums for adults and children afflicted with pulmonary tuberculosis or children suffering with tubercular joints or bone diseases, and Whereas, it has been demonstrated in New York and other dties that discarded vessels lend themselves admirably to transformation into all year-around hospitals and sanatoria for tuberulosis adults, sanatoria for children afflicted with joint and other types of tuberculosis, and into open aid schools for tuberculous, anaemic and nervous children. Animal products for long periods, has also been used for preserving milk. Kuder of Coffeyville, Kansas, had a case of injury from an explosion of an ounce of coarse, black shooting powder.