Thev demand of him at least a workingknowledee of this organ's anatomv and the diseases that will most likelv call for his attention. - few cases of llexion of the lillle finger at the proximal same external appearances that developmental hammer finger presents, but which developed in adult life; that is, were acquired rather than eongenilal. Expenditure is an emphatic word because all functions are essential to the production of this nerveenergy, which returns to the system no equivalent. The second case is one of Arnaud's, in which both organs were transformed into large organized hgematomata. A.s in the case of fatal ana'mia following epistaxis. They may have no noticeable influence on the general well-being of the ecoi.omy, or they may favour it.

Age adds but little to the ability to deal well with the facts of anatomy and physiology, ami it m.ay even detract from it. Ainlcy would have been more correct if he had stated that this circumstance was an important element in the localisation and spread of an epidemic which had previously commenced, and which was spreading before the milk-carrier's fimily appears to have been inv.ided.

The novel feature of the treatment consists in the use of strophanthus from the moment the diagnosis has been made, given in doses sufficient to keep the pulse as satisfactory as possible. The world hated priestcraft, mystery, and jugglery of all sorts; and medical men were coming before the world in a straightforward way, expounding the secrets of science, and showing how mankind might be elevated, The Vicar of Ryde, in proposing the British Medical Association, said he desired to congratulate that body on its entrance on the jubilee year of its existence.

The immediate cause of the latter is slowing of the blood-stream: i.e., reduction of the supply of oxidizing substance. Large areas in the vicinity of Manila are adapted to the cultivation of this grass, which is used entirely as green forage. MacNee and Macdonald, of Inverness, made a fost viortcm examination of the body of the cook, and, it is Stated, found evidence of poisoning.

The cellular changes were found to be similar in all specimens taken from the morphinized animals: their gemmules had disappeared. One of these patients was evacuated at Troyon with a diagnosis of erysipelas, and, in another base hospital, at Ambly, The rapid evolution of the condition is significant.

Ever afterwards this horse would get frightened at anything on his back that would make a noise resembling that made by the can and nails. In our army this is not always the case. "When he does this, go up to his side near his head, patting him gently on the neck, allowing him to stand a few minutes; then take a cane or stick, and running up quickly to frighten him back again, and should he run back, strike heavily on the lead of the halter in front of his head until he jumps forward.

I had no hesitation in pronouncing it a far advanced case of cancer. A variety of tissues enters into the composition of an animal structure, yet their differences are not always distinctly marked, since the character shall notice, however, only the more important of Periphery of the The Areolar, or Connective Tissue, is a com- Nucleolus in the plete network of delicate fibers, spread over the body, and serves to bind the various organs and parts together. Experience would seem to show further that when complete exemption is enjoyed During the years which have passed since this article cases in which the disease lias practically disiippearril in those who persistently visited exempt localities for a llKFEIiENCE HANUBUOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Morbid conditions generate vitiating tendencies and destroy While alcoholic stimulants affect the medulla oblongata reverie, dreamy ideality, optical delusions, and the creative powers of the imagination; some of these hallucinations are said to be grotesquely beautiful and enjoyable. A man that will stand behind a horse and let him kick his head off has not as much sense as the horse. It was supposed at one time that the centrosomes of the tirst cleavage spindle (see ISegnientiilion of the Oriiiii)are derived from tlie centrosomes of both the male and female germ cells. A very remarkable feature is the may show this granulation. It may be disguised by rubbing it with an equal quantity of glycerine and adding one or two drops of oil of property of evacuating the bowels without irritating the ten grains; of the fluid extract, one-half to one teaspoonful; of the concentrated principle, Juglandin, one to three grains.