In concluding this necessarily long notice of the elephant's brain, it will be observed that although the cerebellum is uncovered, that the brain of the elephant is nevertheless df a high order of brain as shown by the development of its frontal lobes and the number, depth and complexity of its convolutions and fissures.

Sometimes the inflammation extends from the iris to the lining membrane of the posterior surface of the cornea (Descemetitis), even involving the corneal tissue proper. None are encapsulated, and most of them show an area of congestion around them, and enlarged blood-vessels running over their large, pin-head-sized, hard, white nodules, similar to those of left pleural and watery to a very noticeable degree. Effective capillary dilatation I can be had only in one with arteries and capillaries that possess sufficient resiliency to permit of their' being flooded. When dry, the hilum in many varieties season-splits and presents a variable stellate, branching, or single fissure, which, holding air when the starch is immersed under the microscope, looks black.

The prominence of the head, underneath the spine of the scapula, is distinctly seen.

A muscle overstretched very slowly recovers its original elasticity.

Last week she became an out-patient. As the croup has a fibrous and a The outcome of the investigations and experiments may be stated as follows: A specific micrococcus always occurs in the lungs of animals affected with pleuro-pneumonia, the morphological and pathological characteristics of whicfi are described. A young eosinophile has as a rule a bilobed, or saddlebag shaped nucleus, sometimes a trilobed one, but never is a uninuclear, nor an excessively polymorphous cell ( The new sprouts were removed several times by cautery or by caustic applications. Later, if progress be satisfactory, it may be washed every second or third day. The nerve-roots are always involved; they are enveloped in thick masses of exudation, and are swollen and softened. Methalsky records six cases of infection from cataract operation, and four metastasis. The diagnosis of empyema belongs perhaps to medicine, but in any suspected case it does no harm, if strict antiseptic precautions are taken, to put in an aspirating needle and remove some of the fluid. Should the proceedings not be published, it was agreed to grant the To Build Sanitarium. Still another writer suggests that the best relief he found was to take a piece of moderately thick leather, circular, about two inches in is no need of fastening the leather to the foot; he found it retained its position on fixing it in place after putting on his sock. The pain and sickness increased and six months later an offensive vaginal discharge commenced.

A motion passed involuntarily, containing no his body; he looked frightened, screamed, and tried to throw off the bedclothes, complaining of feeling very hot; he then passed six ounces of urine, deeply coloured, and containing a large quantity of blood uniformly mixed with it; after this he deeply coloured with blood. The affection may last from ten to twenty -five years, or even longer. Cleanse the cuff with a egdes of the mucous membrane and lymphoid coats very closely and accurately together with fine silk on a fine needle. The symptomless carrier state is one of balanced parasitism; there is neither conflict nor conquest: the host has become accustomed positively identified. The disease was thus transmitted, by means of pure cultures positive results we have chiefly negative ones to record with reference to other animals. In his latest publication he inclines to the view that not only are the cells of fully developed cancer different from normal cells, but that the beginning of the process of cancer formation may be due to a primary change in a group of cells. In addition, there may be an error of three weeks or more in estimation from the last menstruation, due to the tim.e of conception. It exists in Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, and in every other country of Europe. At the end of this year there will be a written examination covering the subject as taught which will count one-half of the final grade Fourth Year. Hysteria is to be distinguished from the initial stage of the peripheral form by the other symptoms pointing to Progressive muscular atrophy is to be differentiated by the absence of painful symptoms, the more limited atrophies, and the difference in its seat, and by the absence of the claw-hand. Disc doubtfully pale, and retinal vessels slightly diminished. Gibson was elected Professor of Surgery in the the University of Maryland." During the War with England, he went again to Europe, and happening to be traveling in the vicinity was present at the Battle of Waterloo and was there was offered the Chair of Anatomy thus vacated, but would only accept the Chair of Surgery.

The mental energy is impaired, the spirits are depressed, and there is ordinarily a sense of physical fatigue or of prostration out of all proportion to the real loss of power. If the succeeding volumes maintain the same high standard the system will prove a storehouse of accurate and scientific clinical information that should be at the disposal of every physician. Indeed this factor must qualify the prognosis in tongue may often be cured by several applications of strong lactic acid lupus and the more extensive lingual forms surgical measures may be required. His pulse was thready and physical examination, the abdomen was found to be generally rigid. The purport of this paper is to briefly outline these, leaving the fuller discussion to the Etiology.