Eecherches sur les Eetentione d'TJriue Ergebnisse und Studien aus der Medicinischen Klinik zu Naxtmbtjeg (Johann S.). He thought the profession must pay respect to public opinion, and we should not get it if we adopted a non-possumus attitude.

There is some talk also of making the Society a delegated body, with opportunity given to delegates to become permanent members; and though this is desirable also, it hardly seems practical considering the fact that nearly or quite one-half the counties of Michigan are without medical organizations, or the material from which such could A notable feature of this session which we are glad to chronicle, was the cessation of those personal bickerings which have hitherto marred the meetings, and we trust the hatchet of discord has been permanently buried. The treatment can-ied out in accordance with these principles has hitherto proved thoroughly excellent. But some of yon may ask me," Is it Dot more probable that the hectic symptoms are due to the character of the effusion than to the disease of the longs?" You are probably well aware that as long as the fluid is serous there are generally no serious constitutional sjrmptoms, but that if the effusion becomes purulent, symptoms of hectic fever are developed. In the algid variety, it is clear that it is the sympathetic system which is involved, and in the gastrointestinal form the solar plexus is involved; in the cerebral form, effusion frequently follows. The cause usually given is retention in the females were either a retroverted uterus or pressure of the child's head during prolonged parturition. It covers the advances in treatment made in all departments of medicine and surgery, including all the specialties during the preceding twelvemonth.

I could scarcely talk above a whisper, and the mucous passages of my head and throat were too swollen to allow me to breathe freely. Give your calomel and your castor oil, and apply your chloroform until the violence of the paroxysn) is broken and all is quiet.

Now, this latter theory would account, Dr. There was no history of birth troubles or infantile illness. Halle, Wurtemberg, Germany, school years were spent in his native town.

The appetite continued, digestion seemed unimpaired, and patient did not suffer greatly until two weeks preceding death. Possibly this was due to the wall at the bulgings being strengthened by a deposit of fibrin, and another area had become the point of least resistance.

The fundus of the uterus by its descent carries the posterior half of the bladder and the ureters with it, so that tlie posterior wall becomes the anterior. The upper air-passages, in which, on account of either the patient's condition, the physician's want of expertness, or the nature and seat of the foreign body, immediate or laryngoscopal removal is impossible, tracheotomy ought to be performed without any unnecessary delay. The sac would diminish in size, to re-fill again, especially if the counteroutlets, which spontaneously opened, would close. Diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder, and and Ulcer of Uterus, Dropsy and Lectures on the distinctive characters, pathology, and treatment of Continued Fevers, delivered at the Eoyal College of: Qaselee and Tweedie on Cholera. - at the time of the conespondence he did not Isnow the name of the Editor of the Verulam Resieic. They should occur continuously, or at least for several days in succession. If the student were permitted to listen to the lecture in an intelligent manner, the contention would be worth considering. There is a good section on the treatment of convalescence, a period which is sometimes ignored by the nurse, and yet the intelligent management of the convalescent is as important as the nursing of acute ill nesses. ' Such a style might be dissolved in time by means of the lachrymal fluid, or even" by a physiological absorption.

Da Costa a resolution was adopted appointing a committee resident graduates of the school were invited, which was also at the Hall of the College of Physicians.

Enquiry into the origin of the GrOut. Haemorrhages into the muscular tissues, the skin, and is more frequent among the rich than the poor. Double oophorectomy was performed, and ivas followed by alarming heart failure lasting several days.