Elevation of the diaphragm may increase the vital capacity.

His patient dated his symptoms back twenty years. L., Manuale di Torapia Clinica della Malattie Veneree, Sililitiehe e delta I'eUe, rtv Cassal, Mr. There arc princi it fcifi by which the Earth and water of other two EUnients (viz. Moreover, is able to enjoy that matutinal pipe which, I am told, is so extremely useful in producing an alvine action, may well repair to the water closet after breakfast; but take my word for it, that patients who have anything the matter with the rectum, who suffer in any way upon the discharge of fajces, should, as a rule, have their bowels opened at night: and the reason is obvious. What" vessels" are these'? Not the system is filled tvith blood; the small vessels of the mesentery and those which ramify on the surface of the intestine are beautifully injected; the vessels of the kidney are dilated, and the parenchyma is hyperemic; all of which facts indicate, not merely that by the relaxation of the abdominal blood-vessels, a large proportion of the resistance to the heart is annulled, but that a quantity of blood is, so to speak, transferred into the portal system, and thereby as completely discharged from the needs no italics to give point and force to this remarkable admission. What we have so far gained in this line is principally due to experimental science during the last decade. It related to deaths from chloroform, and by what means and to what extent they may be prevented, the relative merits of ether as an anajsthetic being debate, alluded to the painful and increasing frequency of deaths from this cause during the last few years. Brown, of Gait; Powell of Ottawa; and Strange, Thorburn and Ferguson, of Toronto took part. Athaman'ticum seu Anethifo'lium, Athaman'ta Me' urn, Ligus'tieutn Capilla'ceum seu Me'um, Ses'eli Me'um, Me'u, Radix ursi'na, Spignel, Baldmoney, (F.) Ethuse Meum.

You, as physicians, should be the advisors and counselors of such groups. This does not argue well for its germ tendency," (Italics ours.) We can only submit these extracts to our readers for elucidation. Puzey called attention to the need of prolonged rest after these operations.

On the other hand, if the rupture occurs into the broad ligament, the hemorrhage will be limited, and consequently the shock less severe. Contrary to general recommendation, I prefer the lithotomy position, with the legs well flexed on the thighs, and the thighs on the body. His death followed within a few months that of our honored ex-president. Symptoms distingushing thrombosis from abscess, however, are present in the majority of cases. He did not think that migraine had any relation to true epilepsy. The German plan of treating the external manifestations of the disease alone has many things in its favor and some against it.

Patients convalescent from scarlet fever have to use a latrine only separated from that used by the other patients by a low wooden partition, and in order to give the infective.germs every opportunity of finding fresh fields and pastures new among the unprotected men there is an air-space above the partition. It implies that in the benzene hexagon there has ease, one by hydroxyl (OH) and the other by the radical (SOjIl). Adipia, of biliary calculi, called also Chol'esterine. The second was a ease of ulcers of the stomach, one ulcer having perforated. Russell soon left the hard-pressed colony, but other doctors came to carry on his pioneering work. SaWll ), Coloured Plate and Two Cases of Bcri-beri associated with Distoma Ci-assum.

The treatment of cretinism has As regards surgical treatment it may be said that, as a rule, idiots are bad subjects for operations, which should only be undertaken when urgently necessary. In impacted face position, symphysiotomy should be considered if the child be living and viable, otherwise the head should be perforated. The ideal is the man of learning and wide classified experience, who is yet able to see and appreciate at its proper value the new fact which does not fit into its appropriate We should keep our receptors uncovered and sensitive, examine each fresh experience with careful scrutiny and an open mind. If the peritonitis is diffuse, fibrous-suppurative with copious exudation, then the interference with the diaphram and heart, the respiration and circulation, is the most pressing danger, and the uterus adds no further danger to the presence of infecting germs in the pelvis and abdomen.