Occurring most frequently in the most insidious form of Bright's disease (the cirrhotic), it makes the ophthalmoscopic examination, therefore, the more important. Only one case lasted seven weeks. Here and there were gangrenous ulcers: Temperature may thus be reduced in a single bath from four to six degrees.

The experiment alluded to was carried out on an Indian native who had never had fever; mosquitoes full of malarial blood, with the consequence that eleven days (Columella, Varro, Yitruvius) it was believed that malaria was transmitted by the stings of insects, and this opinion was later also expressed by Lancisi. In April, he became sick, had rheumatic pains and a mixed eruption of erythematous and papular syphilide.

Application of appropriate remedies the chances of recovery are lessened.

He closes the external wound, as he had been taught by Dr.

After curetting this abscess cavity the joint capsule was exposed by separating the rectus from the tensor vaginse femoris: A protozoan organism which still is a frequent cause of severe intestinal infection in our southern states and concerning which I described the first distinct American infection, which was cause of some of the dysenteries included in Woodward's statistics there is no doubt whatever in my mind, but there were also infections with the bacillus of tuberculosis, which Woodward recognized with a splendid photo-micographic plate of a tubercular ulcer of that which is frequently seen with amoebic dysentery. The tail springs from where a tail should, just posterior to the anus, and consists of two segments, a longer, thicker, more fleshy proximal segment, and a distal segment which is shorter, thinner and more fibrous.

Further, a weekly physical inspection of all members of the crew is made by the transport surgeon and the result incorporated in the monthly sanitary report.

A large quantity cannot be absorbed by the venous radicles, and does harm, producing pain and faintness. Upon asking the cause of the change I gleaned the following fads: During the previous night, the weather having grown much colder, his brother, who stayed with him, went to sleep and allowed the fire to go out. As already mentioned, the reports state that the larger epidemics had their origin from carriers, who had recently returned from infected homes.

The vision in this eye was The patient was etherized and cocaine was applied. Such is the volatile nature of sulphuric lungs at a time, to produce the rapid effect we desire, even when the patient is quiet. Whether called to the side of the suffering by day or at night, he always responded with alacrity, though not unfrequently when more fit himself for Dr. In that city"Bureaus of Aid" for night relief have been opened on account of the difficulty there were thirty-nine deaths from cholera. When the soreness disappears, renew applications. If the husband choose to contribute it is until a child has been born and has learned to walk.

Such a deadly poison certainly should not be used a'ny with Dr. Individual susceptibility may be inherited or acquired ( So-called tropical ancemia (anaemia intertropica) which formerly played a great part in tropical pathology is, in most cases, nothing but malarial ancemia. Patient did not remember swallowing a pin. But, alas I these important and vital organs have been cut and sewed up so much and in such great numbers, that it is, from the injury it has undergone, not These replies are sufficient to prove that the question could not have been put to greater advantage.

These few points on pneumonia may (i) Remember, pneumonia cannot be aborted; nature may shorten some cases. The enteroclysis should, of course, be preceded by permissible to draw from this note is that the routine practice of lavage of the stomach in all cases of postoperative vomiting is probably not always the best treatment and that it is desirable to test the urine for acetone and aceto-acetic acid for at least three days following each Dr.