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Williamson, III, Memphis JOURNAL OF THE TENNESSEE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION issue of the Journal, but we had a wrong first name for named president of the Southeastern Section of the The following TMA members have been elected to In major action in April, the House rejected a plan that would have required physicians to accept assignment on all Medicare inpatient claims. Are Dr William L Caldwellf as Associate Director of the Division of Radiation Oncology, Dr Hugh L Davis, Jr, as Associate Director of Medical Oncology Affairs, Dr Kelly H Clifton as Associate Director of Laboratory Research, and Dr Robert O Johnson as Associate Director of the Division of Research and Development in Cancer The WCCC is now located in the seven-story Highland Avenue in Madison. Laboratory, with abundance of clinical material.

In regard to the coronary artery the evidence was clearer than in the case of digitahs, because pituitary extract had very little direct effect on the cardiac muscle itself. Minimum compensation guarantee and opportunity to purchase practice within two to five years. Colon flushes of strong saline solution, quinine, and enemata containing turpentine were also without effect.

IG, relation between the teeth and certain diseases of the skin and mucous membrane Skin-eruption (chronic artificial?) in patient whose case has been followed for fourteen years, followed by labyrinthine suppuration twenty-one months later, proving fatal, Sleeping sickness, see Trypanosomiasis (human), success or failure in electro-therapy; a considei'ation of some of the causes, Electr. That is true for northern Louisiana (for crucians) during a severe winter for that section. These are alimentary substances, when taken into the stomach j and being acted upon by the pancreatic fluid (Bernard), are then absorbed, and may be in part accumulated in the cells of the adipose tissue.

Although until recently the use of this instrument has been largely limited to major institutions, with increased experience and commercial availability, it will be used more and more as the procedure of choice.

Harper's Weekly or Bazar) will be sent for a year, with postage prepaid on both; or, for This supporter, as now made, is the result of seventeen years' experience in manufacturing instruments for tlie treatment of disphicements of the womb, aided by the suggestions of a large number of practitioners who have used these -well-known supporters in the past. He also urged urologists to report their experience in upper tract endoscopy. On this review, clearly defined focal intrahepatic lesions were judged to be consistent with metastatic disease. However, the intervals get shorter and shorter, with the progress of the disease, and the efficiency of blood transfusion, even when resorted to frequently, decreases rapidly, while the disease runs its fatal course. First year salary with optional second year corporate stockholder. A contribution to the study of Rhinehart, D.

Seldom does one see the fact that only five percent of heavy smokers develop cancer of the lung.

If the former has the advantage of relieving more quickly the inflamed part, by causing the irritation, the pain and the compression to cease rapidly, a relief to which the patients are sufficiently sensible, the second also fulfils the very important indication of giving another direction to the morbid flow of blood.

In order to test the results and avoid any misunderstanding, my patients are asked on waking anaesthesia in childbirth during the last four and a half years: at first, only in selected cases, and then a single dose only was given: reviews. Bowlby that Bright's disease was a common cause of hematuria, and his colleague.

With regard to recurrence, he was sorry to say his statistics were not quite so good as those given by Mr. In adults, and often in children when the disease is not plainly ohronlc, there will be a long seiies of recurrences with intervals of doubtful health. Acts as Assignee, Receiver, Guardian, Executor and Administrator, and as Registrar for the stocks or interest, payable at the office of the Company.

Perineal fistula or sinuses may occur and periurethral abscesses or stricture may result.

It contains a paper, Syphilis," reports of cases in practice, and many other valuable papers.