Its exterior is somewhat adhesive so that surfaces or particles coming in contact with it are liable to application become attached thereto. Ulceration of the cornea has also followed its action in improperly selected cases, but with reasonable care and judgment this danger can be reduced to Those who deal much with long standing and badly treated cases of granular conjunctivitis will now and then find one suitable for the application of jequirity. It is only left to each individual person to select for himself that locality which is best adapted to his own peculiar constitution. Perhaps the tariff on microscopes is a beneficent institution tending to prevent the great mass of medical men from joining in the extremes of germ-diagnosis and germtherapeusis; and driving them back to ordinary clinical observation by their unaided senses. Marion Sims, in speaking one of the ladies sitting by the side of Dr. The treatment has sale been thoroughly successful, and the boy is in perfect health. Arsenic, however, appears to find its greatest usefulness in cases which, like the one just referred to, do not present a typical picture of malaria; where the disease is manifested in vague neuralgias, headaches, attacks of nausea, even vomiting without adaquate cause, such as dietary indiscretion or gastric disease; in"nervous dyspepsia;" in simulated phthisis; in cases where the patient, even when well nourished and apparently robust, seems indisposed to exertion, either mental or physical; those cases of chronic masked malaria which have been linkedin termed"neurolytic;" in a word, in those cases where the effects of malaria poison seem almost to have become localized in the nervous system.

"An Experimental Study of Lesions Arising from Severe Concussions," there will be these experiments the concussive force was received on the nates, and l)esides the other traumatisms thus produced there were eleven cases of rupture of the spinal ligaments, and ten of this number occurred at the sacro-vertebral articulation, and the other between the fifth and si.xth cervical vertebrae. Healthy granulation tissue begins to appear within english fifty-six hours, and having appeared it grows with remarkable rapidity. The venous hemorrhoid is made up of anastomosing veins and connective tissue; this I regard as but an advanced stage of the capillary hemorrhoid. More commonly this threatened collapse is survived, and then (from the second buboes or inflammation of the lymph-glands. The PuKStPKNT announced tlie receipt of the June Allusion was also made to the good opinion entertained abroad of the Academy; the favorable notice by the London Doctor of those members who took part in the interesting discussion on Diabetes "" mellitus, being be suffered to graduate without paying particular attention to this branch of the curriculum. : the affection is to be found in the anatomical state of the eye as revealed by the ophthalmoscope, nor in the troubles of refraction, nor in the profession followed by the subject, trouble of the genital functions should be sought for. Baruch, who was a pupil of Dr. Itcan not be doubted that one cause of the eye-strain in school children is poor ventilation. The stump was secured in the lower angle of the same familiarity with this method as with the original one of clamping it, I refrained from running any risk. These were supposed to be due to the presence of worms, and hei mother gave her everything that the wisdom of her neighbors could suggest for the expulsion of the worms.

Quinan takes exception, I was endeavoring to show that in all pelvic presentations, whether natural or artificially made, the forceps are of great value, and the following is what he cites and criticizes:"Dr. The cavity has been washed out twice a day with antiseptic solutions. - when the instru ment is closed, the pins pass through corresponding openings in the opposing, or female, blade; and their points, piercing the eyelids, prevent slipping when complete eversion of the lids is made.

First the liml)s were enveloped in cotton wadding, over from half an inch to an inch wide, and long enough t" encircle the limb and overlap at the ends (outlet).

This was worn with great comfort during the remainder of life. Try the experiment of standing with your code shoulders forward, vour chest flat, your abdomen relaxed, and vour knees slightly bent, and attempt without changing vour position to Hft the toes from the ground. It seemed that the inferior portion of the field must correspond to the superior lip of the calearine fissure, or, to put it in another way, the upper portion of the retina is represented in the superior lip of the fissure. The scarification should not be so deep as to cause bleeding, but only deep enough to tear the endothelial lining.

Here he finds the largest opportunity for studying the disease in all stages and promotional in all types of civilized humanity.

I love and respect you very much and promise to always make you proud.

No one acquainted with the requisites for oblaining such'appointments is surprised at the hst of the attending physicians and surgeons. He had an excellent middle-class practice in promo Paris. On several occasions I have tried preparations small amount it would be better to treat her with preparations by mouth rather than injections: