She has been in perfect health ever since has attacks occasionally of pain in the wound, which would seem to be due to filling up of the gallbladder with secretion, and its retention for some time. As the disease grows older the early osteochondritis changes into "linkedin" features which resemble those of the acquired infection. Besides it is not inconceivable that the violent physical concussion at the moment of stabbing may have prevented the occurrence of the systole. Burdel reports several cases which demonstrate that enormous doses of it can be taken without injury to the embryo and without shortening the duration of pregnancy, and is supported by experiments upon animals with young and near the end of gestation. Physicians have tried to educate the public in certain medical matters by published articles, by lectures, etc., but books are expensive, and lectures reach but a limited audience: In a large number of cases, the initial symptoms first occur during the child-bearing period (Rudeaux).

The annual meeting of the Vermont Homoeopathic Medical Society was held delegate from the American Institute of Homoeopathy to perfect plans for the federation of state societies. Statistics have established beyond dispute that gall-stone disease, latent or manifest, is more common in women than in men. The bladder contained a papillomatous mass three inches in diameter and exceedingly friable. It is prepared by roasting fragments of rhubarb like coffee. Berg dwelt especially upon the question of the occurrence of hemorrhage in hypernephroma and upon the apparent primary formation of hypernephro niata in organs of the body other than the kidney, especially in the shafts of the long bones. Crane and myself had unwittingly been guilty of producing an abortion. Bil A few months ago an ambulance was started in connection II. Until more definite reasons are shown I hold that the presence of adenoids does not constitute a contraindication. Aside from the above causes, there are epidemic influences (perhaps atmospheric) which are ill understood, but which nevertheless operate to bring whole communities under this diathesis at once, giving an aplastic type simultaneously to all prevailing diseases. In every case I have operated upon I have found the torn ligamentous tissue adherent to one or the other or both of the fragments. Do not wait for the expiration of the six weeks of the original regulations! An additional regulation permits immediate report by name when advisable.

These rays are the so-called has shown that it is the best way of X-rays, and while there are undoubt- actually determining the quality and edly many other forms of radiation quantity of invisible radiations emitted emitted from an X-ray tube when in from the tube. It is impossible to designate any characteristic sign by which these manifestations can be distinguished from those which are not contagious; even their situation is only a relative indication of their nature. Sulphates of other cinchona alkaloids and various organic and inorganic impurities are thus detected. The patient fell as suddenly as if from an attack of apoplexy, which resulted, as he afterwards informed me, from the extreme intensity of the pain.