The most radical and only satisfactory surgical procedure in cases of very great deformity is that of" decortication" practised by Oilier, who dissects out the entire hypertrophic growths down to the osteo-cartilaginous skeleton of the nose, leaving the raw surface to granulate under Iodoform dressing. It is obvious, from the above account, that the contagious matters of the contagious diseases must at some time or other be contained within the blood. Its essential advantage over the other process is that it can be used with good results nnich later in the period of incubation. He had a chancre, however, some time previously, and his skin-disease is due to the syphilitic (http poison. On the last occasion the physical signs were tardy in making their appearance. Creosote seems to be the safest drug Normal Saline solution should always be freely resorted to, and is obviously of most use when injected directly into the veins, but preliminary venesection is contra-indicated in a disease associated with such extreme prostration and adynamic symptoms. At any rate I can only take credit for what I have done, and not for what I conceive myself capable of doing. Urethral discharge for two weeks. Hence the physician should approach the problem of treatment in a far more hopeful spirit than is justifiable in the case of phthisis. Nitrite of Amyl is too evanescent relieves the vomiting. As it is the dried filtrate from cultures of tubercle bacillus, and has only been subjected to a process of fine grinding, it is possible that the vitality of the organisms may not have been destroyed. // - in such cases, it is generally necessary to adapt the form of tonic to the condition of the alimentary canal, or it may be to associate with it medicines which tend to- soothe or stimulate the mucous membrane, or to act otherwise beneficially on it. The retroperitoneal tissue of the animal is exposed and cotton, saturated with is then excised and washed for several hours in running water and then examined for the presence of chromaffin bodies, which, when present, should stand out as brownish strands or patches a lighter colored background. It is performed by taking sulphuric acid containing a trace of ferric chloride. For in Italy, both of law and medicine were held in high esteem. "' Every fracture possible is treated of at length, and pathology, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and repair are set before the reader in a most entertaining and instructive manner. He talked all night, but all his arms two or three times in rapid succession. In the treatment of dysintery Epsom salts is the prince of all remedies. No spreads, even those earliest observed, were made up entirely of living cells.

In a general way we may say with no evidence pointing to an operable lesion of the vault, and the presence of fracture, it is best to advise only palliative treatment. They must not only be adapted to meet the enemy, they must avoid interference with other necessary physiological functions (altruism); hence they must vary with the locality.

, epididymitis as a complication Laubry, C.

In elective cases it will almost certainly be extracted quickly and uninjured; in compulsory cases its chances are much better than after a forceps operation or version. It must be given in large Permit the children to romp and play out of doors in cold weather, but do not take If the hydrate of chloral be taken in a glass of lemonade it is said that the taste is The house owner who appreciates the beneficences of sunshine has a sun room or solarium attached to his home.

Their method of taking care of the vagina both before and after perineal operations is rather elaborate; in our experience perineal infections have been much less common since we have simplified our technique.

The antiseptics employed should for similar reasons be such as will not destroy the healthy tissues or retard phagocytosis. Le Clerk enumerates about two hundred treatises of his writing, which have been preserved. Water was held to be cold, therefore injurious as repressing the process of" coction," hence indigestible, and the fertile source of all sorts of discomforts. A free incision having been made in the loin (as for nephrolithotomy) from the outer edge of the erector spinae extending downwards and forwards to the anterior superior iliac spine, the kidney is freely exposed and incised so as to permit free evacuation of the collected pus. The disinfectant used may be either a two per cent solution of carbolic acid or a five per cent solution of Jaye's Disinfectant, Odam's with sulphurous acid produced by burning an excess of sulphur in a when disinfected, shall be marked for the guidance of the railway officials, and shall l)e accompanied by a certificate that disinfection has which the railwaj' officials shall refuse to receive the articles. The regeneration noted in muscle is limited to an early proliferation of muscle cells upon the divided margins. The objects for which a surgeon operated in cases of gastric indigestion he classed as follows: Rest; drainage; prevention of cancer; removal of cancer; euthanasia.