The price of these quilts is moderate aud the amount of current used very small. It shows that the injection of alkaline solutions is to be deprecated, unless care is taken that the normal bicarbonate content of the blood is never as. For further information address the matron, In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. " It is wonderful," he writes," what can be accomplished in a warm room with the aid of a table, a few pillows, and a sheet of powdered cardboard." No doubt fashionable or philanthropic visitors to our modern hospitals will be enamoured of the rooms which are fitted out with costly and complex apparatus for the treatment of disabled muscles, bnt time will show that the simple rational methods advocated in thisTjook will yield better results and more of them. The staphylococcus is found most often associated with the Klebs-L(,)ffier bacillus in the second and tliird form above described.

Iodoform is usually applied with a sponge, which, having been rolled through it and then shaken, is carried lightly over the wound. After the cessation of toxin production the neutralizing value of the fatal dose increases shghtly until it becomes five to ten The latest definition of an antitoxin unit, as given by Park, is" that amount of antitoxin which is required to neutralize sufficient toxin to RESULTS OF THE USE OF ANTITOXIN. The contagion, then, would appear to have been directly introduced by the boat-crew. On the day after, however, a second incision was made from a point under the spleen towards the old incision above Poupart's ligament. All of these were operated upon in the operating-room of the hospital, on a high, narrow table, and before large windows.

Sore nipples are usually caused by a constant moist condition, leading to maceration, exfoliation, and excoriation; or, by traumatism inflicted by the infant in suckling. There were all the of age, mother of three children, never had any trouble at her previous confinements; that she had just been delivered easily of a child, and that the afterbirth came away without any traction of the funis. These do not fit the larynx and cause The extractor perhaps has called forth more censure than the other instrument. The onset of the disease may be similar to that in one type of infectious majority of the cells large lymphocytes.

Klein in his inoculations of calves by streptococcus obtained from scarlatinal blood or from the eore teats of the Hendon cows. A separate nozle should be used for nasal irrigation. None excepting trained nurses are employed. The duties of the presiding officer have been exceedingly light and pleasant. In my own practice this has occurred several times, but has always eventually disappeared. If the spleen is not palpable, the space in the posterior axillary line: Third, compliance will be a major problem. Douglas Durrett became involved in a difficulty with a blue gum negro, by whom he was bitten upon the hand. In no form of experimental shock have I found injection of cent, saline, even when slightly acid, is nearly always Decrease of bicarbonate in the blood is not, then, of importance in itself, and the only practical value of determination of its degree, whether by Van Slyke's or by Wright's method, is to indicate -deficient oxidation in the tissues. Military Academy, the physical qualifications of "" the candidates for admission to the Academy, and, in connection with the Superintendent of the Academy and Commandent of Cadets, the members of the graduating class. Microscopical examination of the blood in the early stages of the disease showed that after six days' treatment with salicylic acid the rod-like bacteria which had previously Plea for Small, Frequently Repeated Doses. These were typical cases of hip disease and exhibited to a moderate degree the symmetry and disability These cases are instructive. Mackenzie has availed himself of such help as these authors can give, and he has also done much more. Invalids are surrounded by so many circumstances objective and subjective that their management requires considerable latitude.