In active immunization, whether by means of a bacterial or a pollen protein, the question of dosage is not as important as it is in the passive form; except in so far as unduly large doses should be avoided. Both these brilliant talents aroused, the Napoleon of medicine. Was brought before the Police Court accused of having stolen a certain sum of money from his employer.

Rouband speaks of a man who became impotent on drawing a prize of thirty thousand francs in a lottery. Yz ounce every two or three hours, he suggested that it might be that my whisky was not of good quality; that, if I would go home with him, he would give me some of the best brandy that money could buy, and it might be an aid in saving the patient's life.

Of this list, sulphate of copper and arsenic, combined with opium, are most effective. Liver dulness was present and normal. The practice of medicine, contrary to the general belief, reminding of the hearse and the grave, but a bright, cheerful you will hear while completely curing some poor fellow-creat ures and relieving others, and also allaying fear and administering comfort to the minds of their friends, will make you realize your own usefulness and the great good our noble, humane, and beneficent profession enables you to confer on suffering cheerful and happy, and satisfy you with yourself and with your life-work, in spite of all the contentions and sorrows and disappointments you are subject to in practice.

The pus on examination showed the presence of streptococci; no tubercle bacilli were found. Others use as lymph the fluid which is obtained by incisions made into the inoculation tumour on the tail, and which is said to have a comparatively mild effect. Thus, very old animals are much less susceptible than very young ones.

Black pepper is, of all condiments except salt, the most extensively used to facilitate the digestion of soups and watery vegetables.

Obligatory aerobes cannot, or can only to a very slight extent, grow without oxygen. Not have a darker tint than yellowish (a dark color indicating the presence of other fixed oils). If a trace of ferric chloride is added to an alcoholic solution of guaiacol, a blue color is developed, which changes to emerald-green upon the addition of more ferric chloride; this is a characteristic reaction. The fruit is a roundish-oval or subglobular, fleshy, bluish-black berry of the size of a pea, with two cells, each containing four or five whitish kidney-shaped seeds. As these, however, have been hitherto omitted by him, his ezpeneoce is not amiable to ns in plaoa the Mvapemnij of the homoBOpatbio praotiee beyond the loaoh of cayil and imsnpiesentatioQ. Indeed ligation of tiie limb en manse was practised by individual surfreons. Besides the medicines cited, I have in some cases, where there were great complaints of tenderness of the larynx, applied with advantage hot cataplasms as a palliative, but, on the other hand, I have never employed blood-letting, derivatives or baths of any In all cases of croup it is absolutely necessary for the success of the treatment to keep the patient quietly in bed; if this is not done the recovery will be but slow in the most favourable cases, but we may more frequently expect an unfavourable issue. Immediately in front of the entrance of the optic nerve and occupying about a third of the vitereous chamber is a large pigmented growth, springing apparently from the choroid coat.

Man wfis perverted into God; faith, into superstition and dflasion; benevolence and cttarity, into ptirsecution of unbeiievera; peace, into war, the natural, into tbe laxarianee, and unoataral phantasy, and how both in alliance lent aid to the arnws and to sensuality, with all their evil consequences, never greater than during the that mankind has ever sniftered, were it not true, on the other hand, that by the aid of a very small portion of that doctrineof loviag mercy, happily conveyed into life, were accomplished those lofty deeds of charity, which certainly exercised npon tbe medicine of the Middle Ages an influence of especial importance: for throng them the practice of that period received iu peculiar character and impress. By it the Arabians acquired very high importance in the intelloctnal flevelopniciu of the West, and piirticularly in its medical culture, llciice the popular scorn acfjuisitious" in medicine, seems entirely out of place. This view of the origin of pleurisy is supported by some statistics of of pleural adhesions which could be referred to latent tubercular foci in the lungs or bronchial glands, indicating the frequency with which pleurisy depends on a latent tuberculosis. Readily to light and accommodation.

These pains are mostly transitory, or appear in the form of paroxysms. - also in those cases where, by means of Iodine and Aconite, the character of the fits is only altered so as that the danger of suffocation and anxiety during that depend more upon the quantity of tough mucus than upon spasms or hyperemia of the lungs, consequently during respiration and coughing much rattling is heard, and the latter has seldom the whistling sound, if the fever continues I give Hepar and Aconite Or the case may happen where, by means of Iodine and Aconite, or Hepar and Aconite, all the symptoms may have been removed with the exception of a rough, hollow, dry, scratching cough, with poinfulness of the larynx; in this case Spongia is -of use, and if fever ia stiU present likeirise in alternation with In other oases the influence of the remedies administered is limited to the removal of the snffooative symptoms, the whistling sound of the respiration, the pain in the larynx, the fits of ooughing and the fever, but the cough that remains has not the catarrhal character, it is short, less hard, hoarse, but dry and rough; the anxiety is not great, but the breathing has a loud savdng sound; the voice is hoarse and there is absence of fever nntil on account of the recurrence of the fever we must go back to Aconite alternately with Hepar or Iodine, according to the respiration more rattling, the voice clearer; in which case we must go on with Hepar alone until the recovery is complete. Carbuncles on the skin occur chiefly on the hypogastrium, lower part of the breast, inner surface of the fore-quarters and hind-quarters, scrotum, vulva, etc. Bushnan many instances of this successful treatment in our own practice, and he would neyer have ventured to express incredulity on the point, had he been acquainted with the admirable action of Sepia, Calcarea, Rhus, and a few others of our remedies in such cases: llc. Epidemics of hooping-cough were described by Willis, Sydenham Diphtheria (Oarotillo) showed itself in Spain and Italy only', in the Ildefonso Nunnes. The exact diagnosis of the nerve injury is impossible, as all degrees of injury may provoke the same symptoms, yet with great displacements of the fragments and writ-drop contusion may be assumed, and if in addition there are great sensory disturbances a complete severance of Treatment should at first be expectant; but if the paralysis is progressive, or if at the time of union it is stationary, operation is to be resorted to.