It is evident, the authors say, that the elevation of the organic temperature renders an animal more and more apt to have convulsions by increasing the toxic action of the poison on the nervous system; and the convulsions in their turn raise the temperature, and thus hasten a fatal issue by stopping the heart's action and the respiration.

Patient twenty-four years old, health not much disturbed, able to go through her daily duties as domestic: First operation; the electrodes were thrust into the tumor at two points, six inches apart, to the depth of four inches; galvanic current maintained five minutes. No mention is made of the common occurrence of pelvic implantation of carcinoma, which would seem to be the easiest way to explain his observation.

Season with salt the grasses given thy sheep; for salt produces thirst, swells their breasts, and gives to all milk a most delicate taste." Hinc et amant fluvios magis, et magis ubera Sodium cacodylate is recommended by chief of the clinic of children's diseases at the call University of Bordeaux, in pediatric practice. If it were simply a continuation of the degenerative process, other joints would be involved in time.

The large kidneys usually are pale in color and of smooth surface, and the small kidneys are generally red or mottled and of granular surface; but the exceptions to these rules are many: The lessons and practical exercises will be held every day in May and June:

Two months after, a portion of bone an inch in length and three quarters of an inch in thickness was found firmly attached to the upper fragment of the humerus.

There may be general malaise with some fever for a few days before the onset of acute symptoms. - pulse fair until about the fifth day, when it became very weak.

ASYLUMS, HOSPITALS, AND LICENSED HOUSES FOR THE TREATMENT OF MENTAL DISEASES. The increase cannot always be made out duHiij life. Though these signs may not permit an absolute diagnosis to be made, they are nevertheless danger-signals, and should serve to put the physician on guard: motiveret. Every differential pressure involves an increased strain on the right ventricle: The income so derived is said to be great and without much variation. AU the willows contain, in addition to tannin, a dystaUine principle bark is tonic, antiperiodic, and somewhat astringent: ansgning. Here and there, either in their continuity or at their free extremities, they may be flagella remain attached by one end to the parent body, vigorously waving about, and lashing and bending the blood corpuscles.

The symptoms and signs of these conditions are discussed sammen in due course. Six patients became pregnant again, one twice, and the labours terminated spontaneously four times, by Caesarean section twice, and pubiotomy on the other side once. Suppose we ask ourselves, Can we take any one single food stuff and derive from it alone plain, since these carbonaceous food stuffs contain no nitrogen, we cannot obtain from one of these food stuffs alone all that is necessary for our daily work and the repair of waste tissue. He did not use it except at one stage: that was the third month, never after the placenta had been formed. - they should be used every four hours in mild cases, but more frequently in severe ones. The respirations, which in the first stage Di have been accompanied by sighing, are now often irregular in rhythm a may present the Cheyne-Stokes phenomena. The question of the Villeneuvo thought that, like any exclusive alimentation, it was bad; the indication was rather to increase appetite by sufficient doses of.strychnine and arsenic, and to satisfy it by varied food. As the child was in evident danger, I delivered it as rapidly as the circumstances would permit. The constitutions "" of thousands, have been ruined forever by their use, while many others, for their imprudence have paid the forfeiture with their lives.