Enterostomy or colostomy should be performed only when there is the greatest danger that the patient may die if the operation is prolonged. There may even be febrile affections consequent upon inflammatory action in the genitals of lying-in women, but which are essentially different from puerperal fever in the alarming sense of the word. Gooday said tliat the prevailing diseases were such as children were liable to and had to ffo throiigli, and which could not be prevente;!. The reports of prevailing diseases published by the Michigan State Board of Health, are statistics of the opinions of physicians as to number the relative prevalence of certain forms of disease, and not of the actual number of cases. There are few of us who cannot call to mind cases Ln which, after labours apparently the most prosperous, in which on the third or fourth day, or sometimes even later, for I can call to mind one in which it happened on the fourteenth, a rigor, followed by the severest constitutional irritation, has not suddenly cast a cloud of anxiety over aU our hope of weU Many such have happened to me during the comse of my life, and, I doubt not, have happened also to many who are honouring me with their presence to-day. Treatment in determined that there had been any effect upon the heart, although there was a small heart lesion at the time. The sub-maxillary gland and others in close relation therewith were removed from the right side. Those in whom the malady has fairly run its course to this melancholy point, have by that time generally given proof of their state, by publishing either in bold whitewash, or by hand-bills, or by advertisement in that particular column which every newspaper dedicates to their especial Is thy servant a dog, that he should do this thing? is the natural exclamation on witnessing these gross offences against professional and general morality; but there are certain of our authors, who, although they seem to be restrained by timidity, or, one would fain hope, some better motive, and who never get farther than a discreditaLle monograph on a popular malady advertised among the light reading of the day, yet differ, in reality, rather in degree than in kind from the most unblushing. In acute cases, this measure should be adopted as soon as the patient is under the influence of opium. The degree of inflammation by which this membrane is produced, is often very low, but it is seen to occur in all its degrees, from the lightest to a phlegmasia gangrenous from its intensity.

The subject of medical reform having received fresh interest from the great probabiUty that something definite is soon to be brought forward in parliament, I request a small space in your journal for a few remarks upon a subject connected with that question; and knowing how valuable that space is, I will endeavour to be as brief as possible. Carbolised oil would have been a better preparation than white precipitate, he thought, but he had never used it. Is in the habit of producing such papers.

Duke, Douglas William, Upper Norwood, of Guy's' Hospital. If possible a trip across the country, sea voyage, etc. Iodide of potassium, it is true, sometimes exerts a favorable infiuence in this affection also, but not to such whom I have mentioned before, gives twenty-nine syphilis of the liver, however, that have been published were no longer amenable to any treatment.

The venereal disease is now very prevalent at the.

Glyco-thymoline, for instance, should be entitled liquor antisepticus alkalinus, etc. Harrison.Allen, of Philadelphia, advocated the removal of obstructions, and thought that obstruction would be found in all cases: phone. As the consumption of a human being in the condition of customary quiet life has in this manner been ascertained to a certain extent, it appeared to me interesting to make some experiments in order to show the amount of consumption in a condition of considerable increased activity. If the case is one of apparent indigestion, whey perhaps will be given. It may be that in this way the varicose veins that occur early in pregnancy and which cannot be ascribed to pressure, may be accounted for. White spots arise from fatty degeneration. But if his goodness always" wears the sterner face of love"; if authority scarcely ever melts into indulgence; if the only thing which the farmer can allege in his own favour is that his apprentices have a bellyful, can we wonder that discontent hardens into hatred, or that the despised serf grows up into the enemy of the social frame which has crushed It would be sad indeed were there no exceptions to this painful rule; we hope that there are many, and bright Mrs. There are three conditions under which it is impossible to inoculate borne a syphilitic child without showing in her own person any other lesions of acquired syphilis.

KiDLON said that he had attempted to correct forcibly urder anaesthesia three of these cases which had passed from the yjainful stage of ri.giditv In the first case, this treatment was safe and did not iustify such a gloomyprognosis as had been hinted at by Dr.

No attempt has been made to cover the whole field of surgery, but certain portions of those portions about which, in the author's opinion, the ordinary physician should be best informed. I would not think of using it in acute cases.