The entire problem of first aid is limited to the emergencies of battle. There was great difficulty in exti'acting the shoulders, and the child was born in a partially asphyxiated state, and only survived a few minutes, after making five or six iueflfectual attempts at respiration.

Neurosin is another much vaunted remedy which deserves a trial. The process consists in purifying old essential oils by submitting them to the action of a solution of borax with animal black. On the other hand, the remarkable similarity which exists between Smith's calf cultures and those I have obtained from the white rat is worthy of emphasis.

Hot coffee, capsule of amyl nitrite for inhalation. A program of this kind must visualize the relationship of different agencies in the whole community, including suburbs, the elimination of duplication where possible, better utilization of certain specialized facilities, possible regionalization of the area and the fuller use of beds and other resources.

In a preliminary series rats already rachitic, as shown by radiograph, albumin), butter or butter fat, and a salt mixture complete in every days on tliis diet.

In very severe cases, with prolonged vomiting, leading to exhaustion and collapse, it may be necessary to have recourse to the injection of morphia. After completion, the form is submitted to the hospital perinatal study committee chairman. Evidences of overdosage include sweating, pallor, shock, hypotension, nausea and vomiting. I only beg to be Mr Ouvry stated the evidence in support of the charge contained in the the name of John Forman be erased from the Medical Register, it having been proved to the satisfaction of the Council that the entry of his name was Mr Walpole's letter, and to draft a reply, presented the draft of a letter, to should be substituted for Clause XI. We are justly proud to feel that we In conclusion, may "" I say that I trust this address may be the means of stimulating a renewed interest in Public Health questions and that we, as a whole, may head in every such movement.

The Observatory is assisting, also, in corresponding observations made at different stations, for the determination of the longitude of different places in the north-western Territories. Two days after admission ten teeth or stumps were extracted, and seven days later other stumps were removed.

In very malarious areas unauthorized persons found outside screens or nets after nightfall, or those found improperly clothed, are punished as offenders against military law ing for adult mosquitoes is realized, lack of insecticidal sprays and gram.

"Work in the mortar until no grains of red are apparent in the ointment, and put in pots for use, taking care always to keep both powder and ointment from the rays of light. Traffic control that does not start blocks away from the hospital in all directions is not traffic control, but just a lot of stalled vehicles. Upon this decision depends whether the patient is to have a general anaesthetic, followed by flushing and drainage of the peritoneal cavity, or whether a local anaesthetic, followed by an incision and a minimum amount of drainage, will suffice.

From our observations upon cats in which the pulmonary veins have been obstructed, it is apparent that a high degree of pulmonary stasis may be produced without causing much actual increase in pulmonary blood pressure.

Why will physiologists continue to create phantoms of"constricted bloodvessels" and"special nervous influences," and waste their powers in chasing them through all the phases of a metaphysical chaos? The very condition of"constriction" involves a prior change, by which it is effected. The danger of agranulocytosis from its use. In the peripheral zones, there will be a huge number of injured people Thus, it is necessary for all physicians in Michigan, as well as the paramedical disciplines, to develop awareness of not only what they can do but also how they can discharge their responsibilities in the most efficient manner. This may be brought about in various ways. The doings of the American Medical Association have already been published in our Journal and "" also in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The epithelium of the villi still remains to all intents normal.