Only one ligament connects the scapula to the humerus, namely, the coraco-humeral; which, passing ()bli(iuely across the joint, from tlie coracoid process to the greater tuberosity, can only imperfectly limit its motions, and has no effect in holding the articular surfaces in contact. The opening should be large enough to admit of doing the work well, and then the size of the wound should be reduced as much as possible without interfering with the action of the drain. Tlie right brain showed a lesser degree of the samo change; the cerebellum and pons were healthy.

In the right hemisphere there was found a yellow softening occupying the upj)er half of the posterior third of the first temporal convolution and -the lower half of the inferior parietal lobule, extending slightly into the ascending parietal death was found a patch of exudation, with intense congestion of the cortical substance, at the upper extremity of the parallel fissure in the immediate neighbourhood of the right angular gyrus. The recovery was effected by giving food boiled down to a jelly of the ftomach was gradually reft ored, and at length common In the Medical and Phyfical Journal, No.

Stv Hoechstetter Hecht (Joseph August).

E., the latter part of August, to her delight her nose remained comfortable, yet hardly had she congratulated herself when she was taken with"something resembling a congestive chill and was desperately ill for a few days." In talking to Mrs. Brittauer, who first demonstrated its action on the eye to the members of the Ophthalmological Congress at Heidelberg, instillations of a two or four per cent solution are fol. The prognosis after operation is hopeful.

Kelly and he had independently investigated this subject, and had arrived at about the same results. The forceps were made a perfect recovery, and had excellent This is the only case published where forceps have been forgotten, so far as the writer has been able to ascertain.

Thus Kaufmann has reported a case of obliteration of the chief branch of the right Syh-ian artery, causing softening of the first and second temporal gyri, together with atrophy of the lower end of the posterior central and supramarginal gyri. Metcalfe then being present, I removed the bag, intending to leave the case to Nature, provided no flow occurred. Affections of the eye are far more important, and foremost among these stands atrophy of the optic nerve. When the powder remains dry for several consecutive days, we may infer that the suppuration has ceased. Operations on diseased prostate are by most surgeons avoided.

But what was the motive? Who knows? Only one other is possible, viz., that they had reluctantly, from a conscientious sense of duty, thrown themselves in the breach to right a grievous wrong. 'itn, The ojicration was followed by a considerable amount of by ihc second of July. He said this because the pathological conditions in the first hundred cases. In one case an ulceration of the cornea developed; in another a slight ulceration of the cornea one, with perforation and prolapse of the iris; in the other two, after repeated careful applications, the granulations remained Experiments were made to produce sympathetic ophthalmia by cutting and wounding one eye in a variety of ways. As to the fumes of hot liquids drawn in with the breath, I can fay little, having only r in two cafes ordered the vapour of vinegar and water to be ufed, but with no apparent beneht; though I have prefcribed it with great advantage in other cafes of quinfy affecting the breathing. A director was gently pushed inward, downward, and forward, and when it was at a depth of one and one-half inches there was noticed a dark serous fluid running along the groove. Marshall Hall showed that by destroying the spinal cord a flaccidity of the body is at once produced, just as when the nerves themselves are severed; this is not seen in sleep. If the disease is due to constriction at the site of the hymen, forcible dilatation with finger, and afterwards the use of the dilator. Speculative modes of treatment grew out of the specious pathology. Such a discovery, however, in addition to epidemicity, and particularly to such worldwide epidemicity as we see in cholera, when corrobated by observation as to the spread of the disease, brings additional support to the contagious theory by concentrating what was hitherto indefinite and That this parasite is of paludal and vegetable origin there can, I think, be no doubt, for one can easily understand that a minute parasite of a specific nature, and peculiar to dfertain Indian districts, may develop its action wherever conveyed, under conditions either within the body or without it, favorable to its development and propagation. Under these conditions both gravity and intra-abdominal pressure assisted in carrying the fundus into a position of normal anteversion.