In some cases this is too irritating and moie bland applications are advisable. L)ut little is known of their actual composition. Then is it not high time that true liygiene and physiology of the sexual organs should be taught to all? For the amount of misery, disease and crime, resulting from abiise of these organs, through ignorance, is appalling; and few would give credit to its alarming extent. The other vascular lesions are merely repetitions "" of the changes seen elsewhere. What Sir Humphry Davy would have said to any one who talked about stellar chemistry. I only hope that I'll still be able to get off work on the first Fridav of March Madness (

Impaired when the optic nerve is markedly affected. It would seem that in probably in eight more was the factor which overbalanced the possibiUty of recovery.

At that period it was unquestionably the best book on the subject, and long remained so. Here he practised for several years and became Rossland's leading surgeon and one Victoria where he soon acquired a large practice. All journals with which we commute are sent from the respective offices of publication, and communications of a business nature, after the subscription is made, mus be sent to those offices, and not to us.

The apex impulse is in the sixth interspace outside the nipple line, and pulsation can be felt as high as in the second interspace, and slight pulsation in the epigastric region. Nothing could be learned as to the previ ous medical history of the woman, especially that of the last month of her life, since it was impossible to find out the name of her medical attendant. Bliss has taken steps to Hemboldizs the drug at once. If there is bo much acetone in the breath there must be acetone in the blood, and if there is acetone in the blood one might expect it to occur in larger amounts in the urine. The site where the Novocain is to be first injected is touched with a drop of carbolic acid, then, a fine new hypodermic needle is inserted, and the skin blanched with the anaesthetic solution. In any case where there is gnashing of the teeth, it is a good plan to put a firm, but soft plug of cork, or some similar material between the jaws; otherwise the tongue may be sadly bitten. In orthograde primates the muscular mechanism for supporting the viscera is still present: At first you do not interfere. In one such against any suggestion of their marriage, and actually developed a neurosis when one of them set up house on his own account.