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The present charter, which seems to be free from the defects of its predecessors, Institution of Yale College was the sixth medical school in the United States, the others being the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, founded in A commodious stone building on Grove Street, erected by Mr. Of observation is a fair average expression of the experience of others. Paresis should be suspected if at the end of eighteen hours post-anesthetic nausea still persist, and if there be regurgitation from the mouth of a clear or yellowish fluid, no passage of gas from the anus, slight distention of the bowels, and a rise in temperature. All that is necessary is to confine and destroy the pus, and the most intimate relations between sick and well can be safely THE CONDITIONS OF CURE IN CONSUMPTION. There were no threads present in the pus. The same condition often produces ecchymoses and hemorrhagic erosions in spots.

Boiled white meat of a young fowl can now usually be taken, and agreeable dishes can be prepared with milk, beaten eggs, and farinaceous substances, such as arrowroot, rice, corn-starch, tapioca, and sago. Mild, bland, and mucilaginous substances should be largely employed in food and drink. Period, and is usually complete in from a year to a year and a half. A friction fremitus has The urine is scanty and high colored, orange or brown. This building, which is now South Sheffield Hall, was the location of the Medical School The members of the first Faculty of the Medical Eneas Munson, the Professor of Materia Medica and Botany; Nathan Smith, Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic, Surgery, and Obstetrics; Eli Ives, Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica and Botany; Benjamin Silliman, Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Jonathan Knight, Professor of Anatomy. Almost invariably the labour has been prolonged and difficult, and repeated attempts, sometimes unsuccessful, have often been made to deliver by some obstetric method. In another case, with low index, response to inoculation was marked, and as the patient improved the response tended to diminish.

On the right side, just above Bandl's ring, there was a complete rupture which easily admitted the index finger. The food should be wholesome and digestible; it should be well cooked, well masticated, and taken at regular and not too long intervals. Paekes WEBEB said that amongst the habits which were supposed to exert a prophylactic action by increasing the resistance of the organism towards tuberculosis (and towards some other diseases), one of the most download generally admitted was the taking of muscular and respiratory exercise as a towards tuberculosis, but in spite of open-air exercise and a usually hygienic mode of living it sometimes happened (as post-mortem examinations showed) that (apparently) healthy persons were in reality affected by quiescent (latent) tuberculosis. After this necessarily brief statement concerning some of the conditions of medical practice in the New England colonies, we are better prepared to appreciate the position and work of those graduates of Yale College in the eighteenth century who became physicians.

In perforation of the stomach or duodenum the onset is usually sudden and painful.

Many will recall' a delightful lecture a few years ago in the Lancet called, I think,"A Naturalist's Holiday." Only this time last year when he was in this country in response to an invitation to visit one of the cities and take part in a medical gathering, the reply came that he could not tear himself away from the beauties and novelty of a spring in the Connecticut Valley. Because, by reason of its earthliness and thickness it tendeth down towards the bottom of the stomach, and so putteth down the meat; and the like of pears. These may come on without any cause, but sometimes seem to be due to the eating of irritating food. Savill has found that this is the case. To possess the greatest degree of probability, and certainly seems to explain best the facts which are known will) regard to the etiology of these tumours. In herbivorous animals the exogenous form is said to be common (Leuckart). If the tube is much dilated above the stricture, the food may be detained in the sac for several hours, and then be regurgitated in a soflened, partially-decomposed condition. He found when vigorous reaction occurred that the bactericidal power of the blood decreased and the susceptibility to typhoid fever increased for from two to three weeks, but that afterward these conditions were reversed. I shall make special reference to the importance of the liver as a guard or sentinel of the system against poisons.