There was no pulse at the wrist, and I could not detect either the impulse or sounds of the heart by the ear. This he divided with scissors and the patient made an immediate recovery without any return of her symptoms. Who will first pluck a beam out of his own eye, to help usher in that much to be desired millennial period, when those pursuing the same elevated professional course, shall aid, counsel and assist each other, instead of vilifying and sowing the seeds of Thomas Miller, M.D., under whose immediate eye all these records appear to have been made, is so thoroughly methodical, that we have perfect confidence in the statements made by him, and recently published by the municipal authorities of the city. Part I includes one-half of the book_ -somewhat out of place here. Phyfician, t coupon James Hervey, M.D. The changes consisted of a swelling of the lower and middle turbinated bodies, which obstructed the breathing, and which could not bo reduced with even strong solutions of cocaine.

Celsus describes the exanthemata under the generic term pustulse: When the Univerfity is aflembled in this building, the Vice-chancellor, with the two Proctors, are feated in the center of the femicircular part; on each hand are the young noblemen and doftors; the Matters of Arts in the area. (Has eaten meat as usual.) Can now only see somewhat hazy. The two cases I have seen, one of which was two years under my care, occupied describes cases of exostosis of the ligamentum nuchae. It seems to be now agreed that the dropsy Protrusion of the navel takes place when the peritoneum there is raptured and prolapsed; or from the discount omentum, intestine, and sometimes an inert fluid falling down upon the navel, sometimes from hypertrophy of the flesh, and sometimes from a collection of blood there, proceeding from the rupture of a vein or ai-tery, as in aneurisms; and sometimes the collection consists not of blood, but of spirits only. The temperature was, as a rule, elevated and irregular.

A degree of mechanical ingenuity is sometimes instantly demanded to prevent painful results, in matters really, at the time, trivial in themselves. In our judment, if these rules are strictly followed, but few cases will come to operation in the acute stage.

On opening the pericardium, a large quantity of serum flowed out, leaving the heart completely enveloped in a clot, like a mould.

If each turn of the bandage be only covered one-third, it forms the doloire of the French; if the edges touch only slightly, it is the monsne; if the turns are verj' oblique and separated, it is the sjn'ral or creeping, (F.) rampant; if folded upon each other, it is termed the reversed, (F.) renverse. Collingwood reviews (removed hither from Norham). The vagina was irrigated daily with boracic vaginal sutures were removed, and the wound healed. He thought it was important they should learn how to join the intestine without apparatus of any kind, because very often these operations had to be performed unexpectedly under circumstances whicn rendered it likely that the required apparatus would not be at hand, as in the course of an abdominal operation undertaken for some quite different condition.

He supposes in these cases that regeneration is not complete, and that the medullary sheath is yet wanting in great part or entirely. The lesions differed only in degree, not in character.


To show the fallacy of Trousseau's reasoning, the author introduced citations from various clinical reports, including one made by Trousseau himself. After generations of almost luiiversal coffeedrinkers, our own times see men of gigantic intellect in all realms of activity; our athletes are able to make sudden bursts of effort equal to any in history, and our soldiers acquit themselves manfully in fatiguing campaigns in torrid climes. Since the very patients, for whom we may expect beneficial results from the use easily and most seriously injured by its use, therefore we should be doubly careful in resorting to its application. This diarrhoea lasts from eight to twelve days, after which the symptoms of typhoid fever develop. If mental impression upon the bearing woman blesses or curses progeny, is not here the factor which even the grandest statesman that earth ever saw should eagerly and willingly give his highest and best consideration? At the risk of being considered a dreamer, the writer maintains that any woman who should become pregnant should at once become the deep concern of State and community.