The common bile duct, starting by tlie junction of the cystic duct and hepatic duct, courses along the free border of the lesser omentum associated with the portal vein and hepatic artery, it then passes behind the first portion of the duodenum, and soon comes into relation with the pancreas, which it either grooves deeply or passes through or behind, before it pierces the wall of the second part of the duodenum, where it empties into the diverticulum of Vater along (a) The supraduodenal portion, (h) The retroduodenal portion, (c) The pancreatic portion, (d) The intraparietal portion. Finally, there are many individuals who possess a frequently found in the subjects of phthisical heredity, furnish a ready soil for the development of catarrhal pneumonia. The blood corpuscles are very often stellate or star-like in form, and rapidly change to their natural eircular shape; there is, however, no speciality in this as regards the blood of cattle, as the same thing occurs in splenic apoplexy, rinderpest, and even when an animal is apparently in a healthy condition.

Have been collected during the nine years which intervened between the publication of the first and second articles by Bostock, and tends to prove that in those days the disease could not have been as common as at present.

Drysdale that the infecting sore has become much more frequent of late years, and is now met with in even greater numbers than the non-Infecting form. The rabbi will not allow his people to eat any meat that on the killing floor (and that is the only place to see it, gentlemen) shows the least sign of this disease. Portions of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs were resected, and mueh pus removed, along with coagula of such size that difficulty was experienced in removing them through the large opening. He presented the necessity of limiting the numbers of sheep in these States to meet conditions as they arose, but drew attention to the fact that irrigated farms could care for many feeder sheep when the range country became unable to do so. They appear to be connected with a process of disease in the membrane, and to have obtained their union with it long before the death of the patient ( The bubo covered an area about the size of the palm of one's hand, and was very tender on palpation. These difficulties have been completely overcome by a new and simple apparatus of the sort which is now introduced under the name of"the Antiseptic Apparatus", and which has been in use for many months in the houses of various persons who have given it a thorough and searching trial. They are not to be pulled off unless existing in small numbers, for by such means the rostrum will be left fixed in the skin, and may give rise to bad results. Sydenham, Hofiman, and!Morgagni believed that the pleura and the substance of the lung were generally both implicated. However, at times and will fail to save it at times. Green this day prognosticated an unfortunate termination to the case.

She had complained of no uneasiness in "//" the chest, and no palpitation, from the commencement of her disorder to the present time. It might be some narcotic put into the vessels into which the beverage was poured, previous to being drunk by the sufferers; or the tapkeeper might by mistake have employed some deleterious substance instead of ginger, and this floating on the surface of the fluid, might be nearly, if not entirely, swallowed by those who drank the first portion. The bilateral operation performed, which differs from that originally nropostnl only in the external incision.


The following is a summary of the- conclusions arrived at by Dunn differ in no way either clinically or anatomically from the diarrheal diseases occurring in the cooler months, except in their much greater frequency. The literature of this subject fchows that bad results have ensued from this operation, and again and again it has been abandoned, but now that we can, by means of large openings, freely wash out the cavities, and can apply injections of antiseptic and alterative medicines to the suppuiating surfaces, many lives are saved. Before the conclusion of the meeting, however, it would appear that there had been Some misgivings as to the subscription, and it was thought expedient to hold out a bait which seldom fails with John Bull; namely, a dinner. Prolonged dilatation was always dangerous; and, when the os was small and rigid, he preferred dividing it with sea-tangle one of the safest operations that could be performed on the uterus, and it possessed a great advantage over sponge-tents, viz., reply, mentioned the particulars of two cases in his practice, in which untoward results followed the use of sea-tangle; one of which proved in which he treated of its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Rub it in the skin and give it internally.