The sphincter ani is tight and hypertrophic in cases of long standing. The blood changes that cause it consist chiefly in a diminution of albumen and an increase of water. Stomatitis depends on the state of the mucous membrane. They were described by Eokitansky, and it was supposed they could only occur in the corpus luteum of pregnancy, but they have Tubo-ovarian cysts arise from contact with the distended tube adherent to a cyst of the ovary. An examination of the thorax reveals nothing abnormal. We developed and studied a general review of systems (conducted in French and Spanish, as well as English) and histories for patients with problems such as uterine cancer, epilepsy and headache. Entertaining the'se views, one cannot help regarding typhoid disease as having much to do with the prophylaxis of tuberculous disease. The differential diagnosis of these conditions from tuberculous contraction rests in part "" upon the clinical history, but mainly upon the absence of tubercle bacilli in the expectoration. Not infrequently the pleurisy seems to start from a tuberculous bronchial gland breaking into the pleural cavity and infecting the latter with tuberculous virus. The new regime in science at Oxford which must shortly come will have to take into consideration these developments of modern biological research. The force of organization is received by inheritance, and the in diagnosis to know the parentage, and, in so far as we can, their physical history. This is important, however mild the attack may be. The multiplication of organisms and the decomposition of lochia He prefers the method of Fritsch, of Halle, three injections daily of two or three per cent, solutions of carbolic acid, rather than the more concentrated solutions and the uselessly repeated washings of Schiickiug or even the pulverizations of Spiegelberg, which are avoided by disinfection of hands and instruments, and especially by the compress during labor. In rare cases it is followed by high temperature, rapid pulse, vomiting, pressure at stool, and diarrhoea, which indicate the condition of the contents: a kind of autointoxication.

In this case we have the picture of the principal organic lesion to show us General Kemarks Upon the Treatment Our first effort must be to promote and maintain perfect compensation of the valvular lesions. There is no legal restriction, no legal requirements. The prodigious importance of the subject can only be deaths from this affection in a sporadic form, but also its fearful mortality- when prevailing epidi-mically at irregular periods in thickly populated i-egious. The high mortality attending suprapubic cystotomy can be greatly lessened by operating before the growth is too extensive for removal and before sepsis is established. As I considered the case to be one of acute Bright's disease. The urine may be albuminous; and, in rare instances, nephritis is seen. In severe cases the patient becomes anaemic and cachectic. - believe, in spite of the serious nature of her disease, no worse than she has been.

A poultice was applied days after the first symptoms of strangulation. Parents may, without hesitation, have their sons instructed in boxing with the fullest confidence that the acquirement of the art will not have the slightest tendency to make bullies of them, but, on the contrary, will impart not only confidence in their ability to take care of thems-elves when necessity demands it, but also a wholesome respect for the rights of others. With this idea in mind I have never failed to report for duty whenever a requisition has been made for my official services. Upon the administration of Fowler's solution in the dose of twelve drops three times daily, improvement immediately took place, and the case was well in a short time. This last termination is the most favorable, since otherwise, if the affection progresses, a fatal result may be caused by the sequela?, or rarely by the occurrence of suffocation (password). These inflammations have received various names, as perihepatitis, perisplenitis, perimetritis, etc. They rarely appear before the third week of the disease, and sometimes persist long after convalescence is established.

The heart dulness diminished, the cyanosis disappeared, and the sounds became entirely free from The effects of acetanilid, phenacetin, nitrobenzol, and other poisons of this type, as described in the reported cases, are cyanosis, profound depression or collapse, and unconsciousness; but, as a rule, dyspnea and subjective symptoms have been slight or wanting. The kidney tissue is always intensely congested; it is often associated with cancer of the testicle. While it is almost impossible to say that infectious elements are wanting in certain cases of vulvitis, we can at least point to traumatic factors as dominating and originating. Three forms are commonly recognized: the comatose, the convulsive, and the mixed; less frequently met with are the delirious, In the acute comatose form coma rapidly develops, after the appearance of headache, giddiness, more or less disturbance of vision, vomiting, or delirious excitement; or it may be unattended by premonitory symptoms.