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The fifth was too recent to speak as to results which were, at present, favourable. The greatest change has been made media in the treatment of chronic alveolar abscess. It allays irritation, and relieves spasms of the laryngeal De Tornery draws the following couclusions: F., for about half an hour, twice a day, morning and evening, disinfect the vagina, cleanse it, and considerably diuiiuish the ichorous discharge.

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This may be true in the teaching of medical students since lectures experience is lacking.

The red blood cell count and hemoglobin became normal, and urinalyses showed the urine to be devoid of albumin. The upper lip should be protected against excoriation by the application of some preparation such as cold cream. Hopefully, peer review committees should Ije formed under the aegis of judgments must be made locally, state and county medical societies should form parent The Peer Review Committee must be composed of knowledgeable physicians distributed among the major specialties.

One of the most frequent correctable defects which pregnant women present is tooth decay, and all too often abscessed teeth as well.