A purgative, and restricted diet are equally necessary.

In contrast it appears that in Pittsburgh there seems to have been no such recurrence, and in Cleveland the rate of maximum frequency during the first epidemic was not attained again These are merely Illustrations of the charts which have been made aavilable for the information of the medical profession, and of which copies.can be had on application to The Prudential.

The exceptions have only been in the case of thoroughbred stock, and hitherto our Western stock has escaped"The wonder is not so much that the plague has failed to reach the West, but that in the face of such tremendous obstacles it has succeeded in invading all of the six or seven States that are uow infected. It opens into the inferior petrosal s'es and the anterior spinal veins, urinogenital s., urogenital s.

A form in which there is a harlequin fetus.

Each Wednesday at the same time, in the liellevue Hospital budding, a clinical lecture is given, which is illustrated by an operation or by the exliil)ition of a patient, when the students have an opportunity of seeing the exact local condition. She scarcely slept two hours in the night. In the old hospital, with very crowded wards and very defective appliances, the disease was seldom seen. This is clearly a step in the right direction, and well accords with the ability and devotion I have invariably found amoujist scientific men of their country." Undoubtedly, the market will soon be supplied wiih thermometers with the Yale certificates. As these tents are in perfect condition and are all supplied with a fly raised from the gives a good air space, they are very comfortable even in the hot weather, and are preferred by the men to the building.

One or two drams of blood serum are put into a flat dish and six minims of strong acetic acid are added to each dram of serum; a fine thread is then introduced into the fluid and the uric acid crystallizes on it within forty-eight Garrya (gar're-ah). Your article rather takes the ground that the idea of the necessity of revaccination is a new one, or at least uuder the charge of an alderman, who appointed two BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The bed and even the room in which he lies, shakes in an extraordinary manner. Central portion and the tail of the seed thread together with the outer sheath spermosphere (sper'mo-sfer). It, often, however, fails; but when it succeeds, the effect is surprising, inany hundreds of the round worm coming away in knots and bundles, so entangled as to render it difBcult to separate them. Corresponding retinal p's, covering p's. Todd, that the only channel by which the will can influence the spinal cord being (as generally admitted) through the fibres of the anterior pyramids, it is highly improbable that these fibres should form the aggregate of those by which the will can exert its influence upon the spinal nerves; the whole of them on both sides, collected together, scarcely equalling in bulk the anterior portion of one of the antero-lateral columns of the spinal cord. The outfit of cooking utensils is enough for all needs, as is also the table equipment. He complained of pain in the right loin with tenderness, of pain without tenderness over the lesser trochanter. Once again an unfortunate medical man has been accused of the foul misdemeanor of seducing a patient, and once again he has emerged triumphantly from the ordeal.

It may, however, require five or six weeks and should be stopped if H causes inflammation in the sac. Matter of the utmost importance to us personally, and I should be sorry to lose this great opportunity of expressing my own convictions on the subject. We are happy also to perceive that he cautions his readers against a misinterpretation of his views on this point; a mistake which we confess we almost fell into, when we read of the" melting influence of doep cauterization with potassa or the actual cautery." Knowing that it was the practice with some practitioners to use potassa fusa down, in fact, pretty much after the manner of a candle-end, with the ment, but we very happily found ourselves deceived.

Cases in which remittance of dues was suggested because of ajje and to retire. One of them was written by Dr.

In discussing transfusion he makes no mention of the use of citrated blood, a method which is the one most frequently followed in the United States.