One of the new drugs listed for the first time is cyclocumarol (Cumopyran- Abbott), a blood anticoagulant which was introduced and studied here at Wisconsin. Inflammation of ileum in patches; solitary glauda enlarged; a tew ol he passed suddenly a pint or more of blood; has since had bloody and muco-purulent stools at short intervals; superficial veins Autopsy: Height, five feet ten inches; complete adhesion of both lungs, with deposits ol tubercle in apices of both; a large abscess in under portion of liver, containing about a quart of pus; no adhesion of liver to abdominal parietes; stomach as in specimen; slight thickening of Peyer's patches; colon thickened and ulcerated.

The formation of infarctus or nodules of pulmonary apoplexy is quite a different matter, and occurs only when the pulmonary circulation is in an abnormal condition. Age; ill for four days with pain in the back; weak; no appetite; headache, coughed a good deal, had some sputa; under right scapula behind about the size of a twenty-five cent piece.


In some cases of poisoning by phosphorus at any rate, it is certain that the liver presents characters which are very different. A new social conscience has awakened.

The oedema may be controlled by sweating, cathartics, and the use of salt free diets as subsequently described. A skiagram, and especially a stereoscopic skiagram, will give valuable information. There may be early enlargement of a gland at promo the posterior border of the left sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle; later adjacent glands may become affected.

In both cases the eruption came out on the first day of the illness. Very infrequent occurrence, if indeed they are ever seen, under two or three years of age. (a) Congestion of the kidney, either active, such as follows exposure to cold and is associated with the early stages of nephritis, or passive, due to obstructed outflow in disease of the heart or lungs, or to pressure on the renal veins by the pregnant uterus or tumors: It is in this variety of ophthalmia, that we may expect to derive most benefit from the use of stimulating collyria.

Because of threatened or beginning lung troubles, an- often advised tO gO there a Little before the regular w inter season begins, in order to take a course of the grape cure. The number of remissions varies from two average duration in these cases was about a year.

The attack may come on abruptly, and be associated with emotional disturbances and with substernal pain: avis. Four new cases are recorded by Herxheimer and Hildebrand,! making over one hundred cases now on record. A large proportion of homoeopathic physicians, both of Europe and America, now advocate a frequent re petition of doses in acute diseases, and in many in stances give alternations of the remedies.

Sometimes fatty granular matter is seen in the walls of the dilated air-sacs. A mild form, often known as purpura simplex, seen most commonly in children, in whom, with or without articular pain, a crop of purpuric spots appears upon the legs, less commonly upon the trunk and arms. A drop of the first dilution in an ounce of water: a dessert spoonful every two or four hours. The largest measure about four micromillime ate found iii the Btomach, the one large and the other -mall; the first much clearer and brighter than the other s limes yellowish, or of a reddish brown color.

There is a striking slowness of thought and of movement. (c) DISTURBANCES OF THE INTERNAL SECRETIONS:

But should the disease go on to actual suffocation, all these phenomena may be as marked as they possibly can be in any case whatever.