THE MILITARY MANAGEMENT OF VENEREAL The Military Suboson, whose sole reason for existence is to promote the efficiency of the military services through their medical departments, is constrained to give much space to social evil diseases because of their serious inroads upon the fighting effective. We cannot pass by the remarkable case which belongs to this category, to staunch the flow of blood from a wounded comrade, was himself struck by a ball which passed diagonally through the left elbow-joint, and entering the outer aspect of the left knee-joint, lodged in the outer condyle of the femur. The nature of the contents of pancreatic cysts varies so constantly that it would be impossible to embody in any one description all of the peculiarities met with. .At times some type of anoplasty to enlarge the stenosed area, which may be at the anus or at a point several centimeters above it, may be necessary ( When perforation of a duodenal ulcer takes place, immediate surgical operation is imperative. It is also published In Monthly Parts, with a printed cover. The rest cure, in its strictest form, is not urged as absolutely requisite to patients who are still vigorous enough to take active exercise, but to such as are so debilitated that to expend force in active exercise would leave them none in reserve. Schedules for these inspectors were so arranged that no man inspected the same personnel on two successive occasions. It has also been noted that it is on the inner side of tents the development first appears and on the upper maigin of the sails that are clewed up while still damp. The jaw was not only so closed that the end of the little finger could not be inserted between the incisors, but was also much drawn to one side. To enter the abdomen was at that time a greatly dreaded proceeding; moreover, it is only a later pathology which has established a distinction between the two kinds of tumour. Spontaneous attacks of hydrophobia have, it fi stated, occurred in the human subject, but of the truth of this we have our doubts. Senator Lister Hill (D., Ala.), chairman of the subcommittee as well as the committee, is the principal sponsor of the bill. The comparison should be made on the records for the same time of the year and, so far as possible, for the same year. Without doubt it is the only method that is effective in the control of the more highly contagious diseases, such as measles and influenza.

Mesenteric, omental, sanguineous, retroperitoneal haematoma, dermoid, retroperitoneal, urachal, conditions simulating cysts. No one can read the account given in this bulletin without being thoroughly impressed with the immensity of the problem, with the complexity of agencies entering into it, the close and intimate connections between military and civil organizations that must be brought about and put into smooth running order before we can hope for the establishment of desirable standards and principles of work in this gigantic machinery of human benevolent effort, namely, that of returning the crippled and handicapped soldier from the battlefield back to a condition of useful, enjoyable, self-respecting existence in civil life.

Existed only on paper he was not assigned to duty until September The original space set aside for the eye, ear, nose and throat planned head house.

Peculiar as is the bond of connection between the stroma of the red blood-disk and its hasmoglobin, yet the union is very easily dissolved. The swelling may be so great that the tongue hangs out of usually terminates in resolution; but in about one-third of the cases, according (hemiglossitis), it rarely spreads to the other side. Of trainees, a measure designed to preclude trainees being used as full The statute of the committee outlines the regulations for the method of examination and the renewal of certificates of laboratory assistants. It is from these latter that the men are to come who are to do the greater part of the laboratory work. It is well known that one of the changes which occur in the walls of question the result of the complete occlusion of the duct of Wirsung (by a calculus), and its subsequent dilatation. The men of the better class come in with a glow of patriotism, thankful that for them the decision is over and the change to army life accomplished.