In order to carry out fully the principle of cleanliness, the lubricant itself should be antiseptic. Those who were to have appeared on its program will be asked to contribute their addresses and essays for publication in reviews the Association s official journal.

It is this primitive but rapid division that destroys the host. The adder stone used to be worn by children of people of good education for whooping-cough (coupon). Any patient, no matter how severe his case, can and should be made aglycosuric. Thoracic limb between the carpus or wrist and the phalanges or bones of the finger. Although this group includes the majority of the The total duration of the febrile stage, concerning which a few statitical statements may he made before we pass to special consideration ot' variations in its course, is considerably longer than in most other acute infectious diseases. The less the urine, the greater the specific gravity. Clinical observation, however, could not yet be brought into perfect accord with the anatomic this time; the clinical and the pathologic descriptions often did not wholly coincide. Abnormal Largeness of (ill.) Sweat, Dangers Attending the Ac Tendency of Body toward Curing Tight Garments, Reasons for the Uterus, Diseases of. I treated eighteen cases of phthisis by the same method, and the results were certainly most encouraging.

But in a code way which seems to me very remarkable many of our countrymen are in civilization but not of it. The infant is, to a certain extent, protected by the interposition of the placenta, and it is guarded against coarser external injuries by the decidua and by the amniotic sac filled with fluid, provided the entire ovum was favorably lodged in the uterine membrane.

In other words, approximately five per cent of the cows and heifers of breeding age go to the butcher each year because of permanent sterility. Dalichamp, a country practitioner, had established a hospital partly in the schoolhouse and partly in the remains of a convent, the main buildings of which had been wantonly destroyed by the invaders' guns. Sore occasionally healing and it out with carbolized warm w r ater every morning, dressing with oakum and bandaging tightly. Last May, when I had again taken up the study of this question, an industrial chemist came to propose to me for the waterproofing of materials a product derived from seaweed of the laminary class from which the salt had previously been extracted by a Knowing the centesimal composition of seaweeds thus treated", I was immediately struck by its analogy to that of oats of Brie, which is shown by the analysis of Mons. In cases that do not improve imder medical treatment, surgical measures are advisable and often effect a cure. Henry Beates said that he was especially desirous of giving emphasis to a point, made by the author of the paper in regard to the administration of quinia, and that is its use per rectum, whereby its local irritant effects are afforded and the undoubted serious mischief almost necessarily following its administration by the mouth are also avoided. Externally it is likewise used for its antiseptic properties.

The secondary manifestations in question consist in chilliness, cyanosis, and especially irregularity and feebleness of the action of the heart. The virus does not have its source of development in the blood stream. It is interesting to note that the amount of adsorbed cent, if a small amount of neutral soap be given with the adsorbed atropine when administered orally. In convalescence a bronchial catarrh, which had existed throughout a decidedly severe attack of typhoid fever, involved the lobules of the lungs, especially the right, in a quite extensive, though diffuse secondary inflammation. Personally, I have never met with cases of such short duration.