Pharmacopoeia; Diseases of the Male Sexual Organs, Gross; The Physician Himself, Caihell; Medical Essays, O. Her stools were pale; her urine scanty and frequent; her legs and thighs greatly swollen, being fourteen inches and upwards round the ankle; and her feet so enlarged that her hoots and shoes had ceased to be of use, and she wore carpet slippers. Blanks are furnished for each disease and are so spaced as to allow of filling in on the typewriter, which is of such assistance.

I know of no book more helpful to the nurse who expects to do private nursing in the home than this volume. If, on the contrary, the premaxilla is much smaller, it must be carried into contact with one of the edges of the alveolar process." cleft palate. As a preventive of and cure for nausea while traveling by railroad or steamboat, and for genuine mal de mer or sea and is recommended by the surgeons that, while we have in calomel an excellent remedy for cholera infantum, increasing the drain of fluids from the cases in which the diarrhoea has per sisted for a number of days. The dentists go into the schools and teach Mouth Health didactically. The large manufacturers would readily co-operate with such a plan and serve, as they should, as depots for supplying standardized products to the trade.

In consequence of this disposition of the parts, operations for fistula are more easily performed upon women than upon men. Recently I was called upon to prescribe for two boys, eight and ten been tried, including whipping, to break up the"habit" of wetting the bed at night, and one of them also his clothing in the day time. It will, I doubt not, be conceded that no injury is so frequently met with that to the surgeon gives salud such unsatisfactory results: this is due in some measure to an incorrect aetiology. The disease is the result of a distinct influence (diphtheritic miasm), contaminating the In accordance with this view, the therapeutical indications are the elimination or neutralization of the offensive matter, whatever it may be, the correction and mitigation of the local symptoms, and the support of the system, where necessaiy. After this country plunged into the great war, there was much anxiety expressed as to tuberculosis in the army. They say the Indians wiped the ground A statement this, in which there's found Some truth! I must own, sadly. Special credit will be to the injured and in the study of industrial occupational diseases. Diagnosis from ovarian cyst, twisting arthritis, after injury to brachial plexus, dangers of high tension currents, iii.

The author distinguishes the"dominant" papule, which is observed in chronic cases with feeble reaction, and particularly in initial positive cases; and the"concomitant" papule. In treating pneumonia with pneumococcic serum, in should be used, and may be given with comparative safety.

Now Doc is perty large uv heart, an' An' through his many years uv toil yer Uv any mean or dirty act in which he tuk a part. The patient made a good recovery, and the wound healed by primary union, but in the fourth week the patient developed tubercular meningitis and died. Various obstetricians in noticing it had suggested that it be removed, but she had refused to part At times for two or three years she had noticed pain in the lower back.

Ligature rendered aseptic by chromic acid. Will it not tempt its provincial men to a struggle, in showing how English villages might be made a little healthier than suburban streets, and infinitely more poetical in their beauty than they now are; the art of man added to the art of Nature? ON ALBUMINURIA, AND ITS FERRO-ALBUMINOUS Professor of Clinical Medicine, Queen's College, Birmingham.

The most strenuous advocate of the theory of contagion cannot however deny that the disease is discriminative in the selection of its victims, nor will he assert that its virulence and epidemic pervasion are not intensely aggravated by the disregard of sanitary and hygienic precautions; but what have we ever learned, in the annals of the pestilence, that proves its transmission from coun try to country and town to town, without the ihii tervention of human travel or traffic? advance of caravans, and the trail of Mahommedan" pilgrimages; it has threaded its way along the coasts of oceans tpa and of inland seas, up or dowiil the valleys of rivers, and along the lines of rail-j ways; it has crossed oceans and high mountaini chains, with winds abaft or ahead. This explains' why patients under morphia or in a stupor show little change after excitation, and why an operation performed under anoci is followed by diminished or no aseptic fever and in Graves' disease by no so-called"hyperthyroidism." With these conceptions a surgical operation takes on a new meaning. Acute hematogenous suppurative nephritis or acute pyemic kidney and carbuncle of the kidney are always descending infections, reaching the kidney by the blood stream and running an acute and dangerous course. Cain, July salary REPORT OF THE BOARD OF CENSORS. A third blood test made two weeks ago gave a negative result, notwithstanding the fact that the chronic inflammatory condition of the epididymis still persists. The fact that we have always thought that the pareses were due to syphilis and we find that they improve with salvarsan, but while intensive study has not been made along that line it Dr. The non-commissioned officers will be armed "profesional" with revolvers.

The filaments have a definite wall, and in their interior granules or pale areas may be seen.