This condition exists for a brief space of time in acute cardiac strain, as just stated. In two of the cases antitoxin was used, but the membrane formed and reformed several In all of the cases except one, which was The present system of educating children is given as the cause of many nervous breakdowns by Arthur D.

By thrusting the middle and longest finger over the base, or roots of the tongue, the opening of the glottis can be reached by its point; and, on the moment of its touching the lips of the glottis, the irritation will cause a spasmodic closure of this opening, which can be distinctly felt by the finger. The patient is directed to lie still with the foot elevated until the warmth of the body has caused the plaster to adhere firmly. - es wurden auch Untersuchungen mit PreBsaft angestellt, dem reduziert, zugesetzt hatte.

Epithet for tumors of the female breast, serocysts, which consist in the first stage of one or more membranous cysts, produced perhaps by dilatation of portions of the lactiferous tubes. It is well to remember that mania, is a symptom of neuronic disorganization, this drug is partially eliminated in the saliva, and There is always an instability of psychic control, therefore piav accumulate in the system to a This causes a constant condition harmful extent if carelessly used. This rhizoplast persists throughout the whole life of the cell except, as will be seen hereafter, for a very short period immediately before division. Without transplantation the hand would, I dare say, have become contracted, which would have caused complete who gave a history of infection.

II is pale, limpid, of sweet taste, specific gravity ususlly Urine, examination of (for detection of sugar). Capsicum Sil'lus or Sl'lo (sillos).

C, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. If the attack occurs daily, it is due to a double infection, in which one set of parasites sporulates on one day and the other set on the next day. Louis;"Bacteriologic Diagnosis of Diphtheria: The Need of its General Use, the Technique of Examination" by Dr. It is recommended in the treatment of different diseases of the eye. It not infrequently happens that diabetes mellitus is overlooked because the patient does not complain either of thirst or of excessive urination, and the physician fails to examine the urine as a matter of routine. If the condition is more severe there is pain in the bowels, with vomiting, high fever, and the frequent passage of yellow or greenish stools containing mucus and considerable amounts of undigested food, and if the condition persists the mucus may become streaked with blood, and tenesmus may be severe. Buchner und Meisenheimer-) fanden, daB Methylglyoxal durch lebende Hefe oder Hefesaft nicht in Garung versetzfc wird, daB aber sowohl Dioxyaceton wie Glycerinaldehyd durch PreBhefe langsam und durch Hefesaft "" sehr langsam vergoren werden.

One-third of all the plants in the state. The Parasite of Tertian Fever. As regards" regional" dissemination there are two views: i. A separation of the symphysis pubis was readily found, and a perforation of the anterior wall of the bladder just opposite this fracture of the symphysis.

Starr patients recovered If the growth is malignant the possibiUty of doing much good by operation is, of course, remote. And extension of blood-vessels in a part; also applied to condition of bone associated with fungating ostitis, in which the tissue becomes canaliculated, and is said by some observers to be occupied by capillary vessels. He often required as main as eight such local operations to succeed patients of ununited or delayed union of long bones. It is important then to distinguish acute pelvic peritonitis of gonorrhoeal origin from acute appendicitis; and by aciite pelvic peritonitis should be understood the inflammatory reaction which marks the initial passage of gonorrhaeal The subsequent attacks when the tube has begun to close with the formation of pyosalpinx may be just as acute as the primary ones, but usually the pelvic mass found upon bimanual palpation in the secondary attack, makes the diag that produced by pyogenic organisms, notably the streptococcus. The placenta was detached and expelled with rapidity, and the uterus contracted well afterwards; the infant Mr. Hemorrhage which was stopped at once. But such a result is not easy of accomplishment, for even under rather imfavorable circumstances such results may not many guinea pigs in laboratories which are thus Is it a fact that the disease is communicable from one individual to another under the ordinary circumstances of life? Undoubtedly there are cases which have originated in that way.