It is further dealt is often induced by a chalky water, but diarrhoea is a much more common result of the imbibition of water containing the chlorides, sulphates, and nitrates of calcium and magnesium: pereira. In the upright position the first sound is sharper, while the second found is duller than in the recumbent position, so upright than in the recumbent position. More obtuse results at one end than the other, and furnished with four flaoella, one or two of the longest of these being situated at one end of the body. While the author does not claim that they are the cause of the disease, she thinks that further investigation and inoculations may prove this to be the case. The applications are to be repeated once or twice a day, or every second day, the frequency depending upon the agent selected, "colombiano" and its local irritant action. I have sometimes succeeded very well by making a sort of tent of a light blanket or comforter, over a patient's bed, or by the side of it, then open the window somewhat and thus allow the air to enter the apartment for a long enough period to thoroughly ventilate it. Both horns may contain impregnated ova and the ages of one may not be the same as the other, thus explaining some of the anomalous cases of superfoetation.

The tissues were divided, so far as bleeding is concerned, almost as readily as on the cadaver, there being neither blood nor the constant dabbing of sponges into the wound to remove it, to interfere with the surgeon's sight.

Mamillana is met with in the small intestine, less often in the duodenum than in the ileum and jejunum (el). We know, however, that it must be done if the schools are to function efficiently. Fold the other end back upon the nail, and push it as much as possible under the flesh at the side and base of the ingrowing nail. Schell had never had a case of umbilical hernia following ligation of the cord in the manner indicated. This resulted in the discharge of some serosanguinolent fluid and a considerable quantity of gas.

There is no"literature" appended to the hook, but a good index makes it a handy reference MEDICOLITERARY NOTES. Retortceformis Zeder, which has thick, short and twisted spiculaj, and infests the small intestine of the Hare and wild Eabbit. B, eggs; the anus is red and swollen, and the animal's tail often agitated.

The time was when the physician's income consisted purely of honoraria; when for the physician to have presented a bill for services rendered, would have been for him to voluntarily place physician who should to-day depend on honoraria for his livelihood would soon be driven to repent him of his folly. In convalescence from pneumonia I try to build my patient up by fresh air and good feeding and some other tonic, rather than by alcohol, but often do allow a small amount of wine daily. Hemp, copra, and sugar go from here weekly by the thousands of tons straight for New York.

There exists the Second Decennial Revision of the International Classification of the Causes of Death. To accomplish this of two long tubes attached to a supporting cylinder that telescopes by a cone into the ocular end of the sheath. The patient has nearly lost the power of flexing the fingers of both hands. This is substantiated by others. Infecting chancre upon himself might be, it would be of no value in settliog the point in question; for, said he, should it produce a chancre with a soft base, it might be alleged that this was due to previous taint, either hereditary or acquired; if, on the other hand, a hard chancre followed, the result would be equally unsatisfactory to him, (Langlebert, ) since he does not deny tliat an infecting chancre may produce an infecting chancre; on the contrary, he admits that it does so in the majority of instances, but he believes that the one species may give rise to the other, and vice versa. In the earlier cases a little ether or chloroform was given by inhalation, but it was soon found that neither of these agents was necessary. He visited England a "" second time and surgery at the Athenaeum in Amsterdam. The immediateness and the heartiness of his truth-laden response caused me to turn to the nearby sheriff in protest against the cruelty and the injustice of such tyranny.