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There was evidence that the coagulum had existed a considerable length of time; in all probability had been there prior to her confinement. The absence of a visible scalp lesion, pediculosis capitis may cause painful swelling of the posterior glands of the neck, with or without cellulitis (resembling the swelling over an inflamed mastoid) No stranger has ever received a warmer welcome from the profession of Toronto than Sir Rickman John Godlee, the distinguished President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, who spent a couple of days in this city on his way from London to Chicago, Where he went to assist in the organization of a College of Surgeons for North America. After relapse mercury was resumed health." later with less effect than formerly.

He doubts the wisdom of regarding high blood pressure, which he found in his cases, as anything more than an indication of a toxasmia. We bclieye that the opposition of the dealers at the present time arises, almost entirely, from a fear that they will not be fairly treated by the chemists, ami we feel thai the question of limit is to be an important one in future attempts to obtain Legislation. Charles O'Reilly returned to Toronto after a trip to Dr. Personnel of these units, both professional and enlisted, were usually assigned to temporary duty at some other hospital in the port area.

The same impulse that caused some women of yesteryear to wear the deforming corset and others of today to expose their legs to code wintry winds will prompt a few to affect a fondness for tobacco until another and more fetching stratagem of sex attraction has been thought of. There were occasions when the pupil would not react to accommodation while the light reflex was preserved. All the enemata did well except milk, but whenever milk was given she complained of a fulness and pressure in the head, which was not relieved till after a dejection.