He in a couple of cases of progressive muscular atrophy, and the temptation to try its inc effects upon this otherwise hopeless case was great. The first thing to do is to replace the cartilage by extreme extension immediately following upon full flexion of the joint.

An examination of these reports shows that these institutions have a total charge of about eleven hundred inmates. The galvanic-wire ecraseur to divide the broad ligaments, keeping the wire at a low red heat and dividing the tissues slowly, thus avoiding the necessity of a drainage-tube.

Secretary of the State Board of Health, for the week ending of November in the preceding six years, remittent fever, consumption, typho-malarial fever, intermittent fever, diphtheria, bronchitis, and typhoid fever were less prevalent in November, has been said in the newspapers lately about the prevalence of typhoid and malarial fevers among the students. But this is only a portion of the ills it would be better that children of syphilitic parents should thus fail of life, rather than be born with an inheritance which often proves such a curse. Just how far the rectal tube can be passed into the colon is a mooted question.

He was incited thereto by a conscienceless Ishmaelite in the local medical profession, who assured him that he could win his case on the strength of opinions and articles published in Dr. Sir -Should the proposed Medical Bill become law, it strikes me that there will be a difficulty in deciding how to style the new diplomates. And when there are so many forms and such varying symptoms it is not strange that the treatment varies greatly with different men and that there is as yet Nevertheless, in all its forms, there is one invariable characteristic of influenza, and that is the great depression. Subsequently, it would appear, he was discharged from the hospital, returned home, and some time afterwards died. The whole vagina was contracted like that of a virgin, and was so unyielding that it was lacerated slightly before it could be dilated sufficiently for work. In the first tube we find the blue color characteristic of iodin and starch. The Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, recently held in Cincinnati, was one of the most pleasant and profitable that has been held during the last decade. Occasionally there is slight hyperaesthesia. In all cases both an anteroposterior region of the foreign body should be carefully approached, so that the tube-mouth does not touch the foreign body until after its size, shape, and position have been studied. It is, however, interesting in this connection to note the recent investigations of Shiga and Flexner, both of whom have been studying a bacillus that seems to be the cause of many cases of tropical dysentery. He states that there seems to be no doubt that the chief emunctory is the intestinal canal. Some clinicians, for instance, Dopter avers, have condemned the emetine treatment after having prescribed for their two or three days only.

She had had nausea and vomiting from time to time, but now she vomited almost daily. John William Moore, Honorary Secretary to Council. Crouse, Fullerton, Bail, Norton, Richards, and Chase, of Waterloo; McCiuer, Minges, Hillam, and Nitzche, of Dubuque; Wilson, Hill, Brainard, Pen field, Warne, Hunt, Sherman, and Dwyer, of of Fairbank; Wilson, of Summer; Hyde, of Brandon; Evarts, of LaPorte; Record, of Rowley; McClain, of Beaman; Reynolds, of Clinton; Whitley, of Osage; Thomas, of Carson; Fullerton, of Raymond; Weir, and Smith, of Jessup. I can not express myself better than by my words"We know that liquors prepared by strictly natural methods are not constant in composition; we know that under the exigencies of trade additional conditions of variations are produced, and even complete substitution brought about.

No objection to bleeding in full-blooded patient, but in speedy delivery this is unnecessary as you get depletion during Pilocarpin may do good and is worthy Dr. Is there not analogy in the green-bottle fly that seeks carrion in which to lay its eggs, where they are hatched into maggots, which may increase the rapidity of the destruction of the carrion during their growth, but, becoming full-grown flies, they fly away to seek other carrion to plant their eggs, and thus continually propagate their race? The bacillus of Professor Koch may be the maggot state of a distinct life, born of an egg or germ, and may perfect itself into another form which may fly away to find other tuberculous cavities, fit homes for the propagation of its kind, as germs, bacilli, and of the perfected life-form which will agaiu fly away to find other tuberculous homes. At the same time, we are prepared to admit that a better term may be, and of the profession.

His face was pale; lips dry; tongue very red, especially at the tip, and felt as if burned by drinking some hot liquor; breath foul; bowels constipated; urine normal; pulse eighty-five; trituration, two grains every three hours, and in four days he was quite well; appetite, digestion and bowels all normal. This latter body forwarded to each member of the regular profession of the State a postal-card bearing on its back the following words:" I, the undersigned, am opposed to the present code of ethics of the American Medical Association, and approve of the use of all honorable means to prevent its re-enactment in the State Of New PIFFAED: THE STATUS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION.

Shortly afterward he ciiughed up two or three bits of thick mucus, slightly streaked with blood, and in this material a few suspicious organisms were found. Sands's care he had been treated by Dr. Wragg called attention to the fact that during the last few weeks, there had been no fewer than twenty-two cases of small-pox at St.