This was intermittent and was sometimes very severe. Parts of the country, members of the American Animal Therapy Association, the society organized in New York in September last by Dr. _ Although the patient had readily given her consent to the operation, a few days elapsed before the latter was performed. A sample of blood passed per rectum was examined and was found to contain masses of actively motile amoebae full of red blood corpuscles. The right side of the head is thereby drawn forward and toward the shoulder. An Aqua amyg'dalm ama'rcE, Bitter Almond water, has been introduced into the last edition a. Fitted to the mouth of the test-tube we have a rubber cap traversed by a number of small rubber tubes. The second case exhibited postpartum one injection was made and this consisted of six salt solution. )f Fractures, Si;rgical Anatomy., and the various operations in Surgery. ! he meningomyelocele pi eoperativcly.

It practically diminishes distance, makes otherwise impossible progress possible and renders accessible to man the resources of the whole earth. The spleen is usually normal except, perhaps, a few hemorrhagic areas on its surface. In writing, the physician w'ill explain billing and payment arrangements, help patients file claims and obtain proper reimlaursement, and"I am absolutely convinced that most internists are already doing these things on an infonnal basis going on, so we decided to formalize a program in which internists could voluntarily enroll and the individual claim-by-claim assignment option work even better for patients and jahysicians. As derivatives we employ, a, strong cutaneous irritation, which effects a change in the sensory excitation and sensation in other nerves, whilst a powerful influence is exerted upon the vaso-motor nerves, causing contraction or dilatation of the vessels; b, measures for producing well-marked hyperemia, by which means the removal of congestion at the seat of disease is effected, with diversion of the blood current to unimportant parts; c, measures for producing inflammation, and by this means a" derivation" of the original inflammation and depletion of the blood-vessels; d, measures for exciting an abundant secretion, thus leading to depletion of the circulatory apparatus, the reduction of hyperemia, removal of exudation, etc.

The patient's friends were instructed to send word if further attentions were necessary. The sick receive proper treatment, as in ophthalmia neonatorum, diphtheria, and, in certain cities, tuberculosis. The Reporter goes to every county of the State are no medical societies will respond to the suggestions of this article and lend their influence to medical organization? We shall be happy to render any aid in our power toward accomplishing The Medical Schools. Not only in the matter of gastric but especially in intestinal digestion has experiment done much to widen the horizon of physiology. This proof, if he is still in the service, will consist of certificates from the Commanding Officer, Surgeon in charge, or any commissioned officer personally cognizant of the facts of tlie case. Stool this morning seem solid and greenish black in colour. These must be ascertained by careful objective investigation. Patty Give the causes and lesions of cardiac hsrpertrophy. And we can vary our experiment in all sorts of ways and still each time get the same result. For example, active disease surveillance and epidemiologic investigations have been necessary to track the epidemic, to establish routes of transmission, and to plan for future health care resources to service the needs of those afflicted. ; then again, in such cases the prognosis must be still further modified by the extent of the part injured, and by the number and nature of the accidental circumstances which may interfere with the reunion or regeneration of the divided ends of the nerve. With the antitryptic power go lost also the complementing, opsonic, bactericidal and coagulating powers of tlio blood.

Al l EX, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Cardiology, IIORAVANEI, BERN Alii) LOUIS, Diagnostic etlucation, University ol Oklahoma College ol College ol Radiology, Radiological Society ol Texas Southwestern Program, John Peter Smith Hospital, Port Worth, TX. This patient would in all probability have recovered from the tubercular malady if perforation of the pleura had not occurred.