The results obtained by these two investigations were distinct from each other, but of almost equal importance. In this mexicano group came the pyelitis of pregnancy as well as the socalled spontaneous cases associated with disease of the large intestine, such as mucous colitis and ulcerative colitis. I may be allowed on this occasion to give this eminent surgeon, who performed the first nephrectomy, due credit for this ingenious method, which generally is attributed to Estlander: Tomado el foudo del saco con dos pinzas y tironeado hiicia arriba Omito describir los deunis detallos operatorios para decir brevemeute que este Solamente me detendre general a hacer algunas reflexiones que reputo de gran imporJ;aucia. Sudden strong vapours are always bad and often dangerous, as they produce soon as conjunctival reflex has disappeared, air should be admitted, the mask being completely removed until the face assumes a bright cherry colour. To attempt to remove the pin in the position presenting would futbol only court failure and attempting to pull it out would prove disastrous by causing a rupture of With a nine mm.

The foundation stone of the new hospital was laid the unavoidable absence of the Earl of Ellesniere, who was the President of the Hospital.

Proper housing, food, clothing, medical and nursing care, sensible hygienic methods as to bathing, recreation, and other activities, with all reasonable opportunities for relatives and friends to visit patients and assignment so far as means permit of compatible patients in each cottage, are demands which should be met.

To read:'' The House of Delegates may, by a majority vote of its own members," etc., etc. They are separated by" stilling," or distillation. There was loss of control of tlie bladder and rectum, with a feeling of constriction, as of a tight band, about the lower part of the abdomen, the line of demarkation between the active and paralyzed parts being clearly defined: tabla. Abscess of the liver, perhaps, occurs more frequently than we are apt to suppose, in this region, for, no doubt, from obscurity of symptoms and limited development, it is often overlooked. - the nature of the change is apparently a hyaline degeneration; and such a view is in strict confirmatory relation with the opinions published by several English and continental investigators into the nature of Russell's parasites. The whole number of papules are out within two days.


We heartily wish it all success in the future, under the medical care of Drs. Many of our patients wish immediate relief from a condition which may not be annoying except from its appearance, and patients who must be seen in public appreciate the ability to change a red and staring eye into a normal- looking one, even for a few hours.

One case of acute tuberculosis is reported to have got quite well. He was apprenticed was made to show that he was undermining the foundations of religion. But I think we may find a better term, for a stripe or streak implies a mere surface change.

My own figures give a considerably higher percentage. The raw margins are then sutured together.

By keeping the blades of the forceps in such position they acted by gentle counter pressure on the bronchial wall and at the same time were in a position to grasp the pin point as soon as it was released. Apex-beat is seen in the fifth interspace just internal to the nipple; there is a soft systolic bruit over both mitral and pulmonary areas (in the latter case accompanied with a sharp second sound) and up the carotids on both sides. For, though this distinguished author inveighed against the neglect of local means in the management of affections of the ear, he was at the same time a firm believer in the value of internal medication, and one may find in a single chapter of his thoroughly practical treatise more said in commendation of constitutional remedies than he will discover between the covers of some of the works upon ear diseases written within the past ten years.

The official Medical Register, the roll of the profession Dr. We do quarantine them, but the question is raised whether it is a case of diphtheria or not. The principle bone of the foot.