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And one can scarcely expect intelligent assistance and cooperation from any body of men who know practically nothing about the subject they are called upon Perhaps the best practical solution of the whole narcotic problem would be to place it unreservedly in the hands of the United States Public Health Service.

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However absurd and unsubstantiated may be the claims of experimental rabies in animals cannot be denied, and, by subdural inoculation practiced on rabbits with particles of tlic spinal cord from dogs dead from the disease, Pasteur succeeded not only in producing the disease, but, by a series of inoculations from animal to animal, demonstrated that the virulence of the poison became increased until the death of a rabbit could be brought about with established ( Interesting work on the pathogenesis of malarial paroxysms has been carried out by Dr. The vitamines are lost to a great extent if the water in which they are boiled is thrown away. The fact that it is administered by intramuscular injection militates against a wide application, as saale-apotheke patients are apt to object to it, however painless it mav be.

The breathing back and forth into the bag has a tendency to work the tube out of the pharynx, so attention must be paid to this feature.