Lettres ecrites du Val-de-Grace sin- les maladies veueriennes et sur le traitement qui leur Devergie (M.

Pus and disintegrated splenic tissue.

For the mortality statistics of the United States recourse will first causes of death for all areas (registration states, including cities of such cities, and registration cities in non-registration states) for each standard tables containing estimated populations and rates for preceding years. The.scverall wayes of making the. A simple straight splint, for instance, is quickly made by running the wet plaster bandage up and down the limb, repeating until a sufficiently great strength is reached. It has wellmarked glucocidal characters. The use of the health resort should be regarded as a therapeutic measure to be as carefully considered and watched as the administration of a drug.

O., Cincinnati, O Mason, Darius, Spokane Falls, Wash. Here there probably was a hemorrhage in the occipital region although at the time and even for some mouths subsequently pain was referred more to the left parietal. According to Samwaj"'s observations hypertrophy is the primary change, dilatation occurring later. A third group of these cases belong to those in which the mitral valve is involved as a secondary condition. For this The action of sulphur dioxid as a germicide depends upon the Sulphur dioxid possesses the advantage of being cheap and readily procurable. Of the large cells (Sertoli's or supporting cells).

Loring, in a paper entitled" Prematur two cases which show the disastrous results which! may follow from allowing pregnancy to proceed' to full term in presence of this complication.

Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis" remarks that the serum treatment consists essentially in introducing into the human body substances which either of themselves oppose the germ of the disease or lead to the formation of such materials (antitoxins) in the organism. Of course there are cases where the patient wishes to change, and then the doctor hag nothing to do but to retire. Only one of Gamgee's cases survived the injury fourteen hours. Revised by Frederick THE MODERN TREATilEXT OF MALIGNANT It seems as if in the present march of surgery, with the changes which are going on so rapidly, that it might be of interest, even to gentlemen as conversant as you are with the progress of medicine and surgery, to go over the ground which the title of the paper indicates to see if there are not some new points which may be worthy of your consideration. The researches of Geiger on this head are few in number, and were chiefly confined to small birds as the subject of experiment. Allen said, in closing, that he had touched upon the eczema about the genitals, but as the paper was lengthy he had omitted to read certain portions. Apeitnra collo scalpello del canale midollare per cold, with abscess in tlye lower end of the tibia, relieved by Fcnwick (G. The fascia? and tendons of the ocular muscles are also liable to syphilitic changes, which may result in thickening, in abscess, or in fistula. Leaves alternate, on hairy petioles, and themselves pubescent or hairy beneath; the lower long-stemmed, of from seven to nine spreading, lanceolate lobes; the upper more and more simple; those of the inflorescence small, sessile, and simply lanceolate. Yet if this condition had been caused by such a mishap, there would be the history of a sudden and serious peritonitis, or certainly of great peritoneal pain with more or less collapse; but upon inquiring I cannot elicit the history of such an occurrence, so that I still believe that this fluid in the abdominal cavity was free from the start and not from a ruptured cyst. In our present service rifle the twist describes one complete turn in about ten inches gunshot wound is often influenced by the shape and density of the "" missile that inflicts it. They rise from the general level of the feet ( Sigmund's L' elettrolisi della sclerosi iniziale quale metodo di cui a chancre syphilitique au point de vue pratique. Died forty-eight hours after the operation. A longitudinal tear may heal even without the use of a catheter, but in traumatic cases the rupture is usually Dr. This, however, is not, to our mind, the most striking difference between the physicians of the present and of former days.

In none of the June cases is asthma present; but all have noticed great aggravation of their symptoms when exposed to various kinds of pollen, notably that of the horse-chestnut, the ailanthus, and the scented honeysuckle. It may be of early or late, sudden or gradual occurrence, and constitute a mere paresis of a group of muscles on one side, or much more rarely, a complete motor paralysis of one half of the body. Organe.s du cou par les tumeurs de la glande Cline, oil imperfect developements of tbe faculties, mental and moral, as well as constitutional. It is not only more central, but a much greater railroad centre than Washington, its great trunk lines extending in all directions across the continent, from north to sonth and east to west, on which the fastest trains fly to and fro like the weaver's shuttle every hour, thus facilitating the rapid collection of material for Thb Journal, as well as the speedy distribution of Thb Journal to all parts of the world. Kliuiken der Prager deutscheu Bedeutuug des Tuberculins und iiber das augebliche Auftreten von Tuberkelbacillen im Blute Opocher (G.) Gli esperimenti di cura con la Special bulletin from the"University Medical Magazine" on the clinical results of Koch's Traitement (Le) de la tuberculose du docteur E.